Nickelodeon Kart Racing is like if Mario Kart developers were incased in slime

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Nickelodeon Kart Racing is a straight up rip off of Mario Kart, just with some Nickelodeon character instead of Mario characters and with bad handling. It plays fine– it is nothing particularly special. The controls are like if Mario Kart was on a tablet that’s been dipped in green slime. The tracks all kind of merge together, but they are all from Nickelodeon cartoons!

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Pokemon Shield Review

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Another year, another new Pokemon game. This is the first full Pokemon game on the switch, since the world has decided to not count Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. Anticipation is building for this game– what will Pokemon be now that it’s on switch? How will it step itself up from the 3ds games?

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Link’s Awakening Review


I played about half of the original Link’s Awakening when I was a kid. The dungeons were difficult, and online walkthroughs weren’t readily available. Link’s Awakening, more than any other Zelda game, benefits from the use of guides because of the illogical nature of its overworld puzzle. While the new Link’s Awakening presents itself as relatively easy and directed to a younger audience, the puzzles are often nonsensical and the later dungeons are complex, overwhelming affairs.

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