Nore Davis balances chill and fretfull on “Too Woke”


Nore Davis is a New York-based comic whose humanity shines in his new album. The premise of the album is that it is introduced by a radio DJ, which is a perfect tone setting moment for this album. It’s unique, wacky, and perfect for the zeitgeist, a small thing that immediately sets the album apart from others.

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Gavin Matts – Premature


Gavin Matts had a great Conan set. It was the first time I had heard of the Canadian comic, and it quickly lead me to listen to his album, which combines sketch comedy and stand-up. His Conan set is virtually the only credit this guy has, save the show Just for Laughs, which is significantly easier for Canadians to get. It’s surprising that a guy so relatively early in his comedy career has such a unique voice that comes through so strikingly in jokes.

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Emily Heller – Good for Her

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Emily Heller is currently a writer for the TV show Barry and has an hour-long Comedy Central special, among other accolades. She is one of the freshest voices comedy has at the moment. This is one of her jumping-off points, and definitely the first moment we get to see her be entirely her own comedian. She has moved on from doing just stand-up. Emily Heller’s first album Good for Her is a great listen. She also released Pasta in 2018 , and I recommend both. The Comedy Central hour-long special Ice Thickeners has most of the jokes from Pasta on it.

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Donut County Review

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Donut county is a cute game that takes about two hours to play, also there is a racoon, so it is worth it. It’s a cute low poly indie game that got a lot of attention when it was released, but then other cute low poly indies games were released so the discussion went other places. Donut County, is a lot like Katamari Damacy. They are both physics based games, that have fun silly characters and stories. Katamari is definitely more wacky and out there, and also significantly longer but are sufficiently out there. At the beginning of Donut County you are in a hole, a literal hole, with a bunch of animals. Then you become the hole. You move the hole and things fall into it.

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Miitopia is absolutely stupid, and that’s what makes it great

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Miitopia is the stupidest game I have ever played. I love it and it’s great at being stupid (considerably better than I am). It should be a phone a game, but instead it’s a $40 game that came out near the end of the 3DS’s life, so it’s unlikely you will find it for cheap. I spent 12 dollars. But it is a fun game that did not get much attention. It’s a game that you can share with your friends by sending them images of themselves fighting monsters.

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Jayde Adams expresses the intricacies of compassion on “Serious Black Jumper”

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Jayde Adams doesn’t come off as a stand up comedian when she starts this special, as her first few jokes involves projecting images, and she’s wearing a small mic that looks more in place at a business conference than a comedy club. Despite all this Adams proves that she is hilarious and has a lot to say.

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Judgement’s solid plot tops the Yakuza franchise


This console generation, I fell in love with the Yakuza games. I bought the ps3 Yakuza 1, but never bothered to power up the ps2 to play it. But then they remade Yakuza 1 as Yakuza Kimiwa for the PS4, and that started me on a journey through the entire series. Now I land on the new release Judgment.

Judgment is a Yakuza game, just without the characters, and with some additional detective elements. If you are like me, you were hoping there would be a Detective Pikachu crossover, since the timing is perfect for it. But alas, unless we hear that Judgment is coming to Switch, it is doubtful that Detective Pikachu will pull his gun out on Takashi. This saddens us all, but ultimately we can understand why it happened this way. Pikachu would have been too hard to animate in the Yakuza world. It’s tremendously sad that we have a Sega crossover that puts Rabbids in the Mario universe, but not one that makes Pikachu a yakuza.

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Gilbert Gottfried – Dirty Jokes


This album is a straight up classic. Gottfried’s voice is so wild and out there that sometimes it’s easy to forget that he’s telling some of the tightest jokes around. There was a moment, about three tracks into Dirty Jokes, where I went, “Oh, the title tells you what it is… Just dirty one-liners for an hour,” and then I knew I loved this album more than I could ever anticipate. There are other one liner albums, like Dan Miz’s The Stranger. Miz also takes a specific voice and theme and uses it for an entire set of one-liners.

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Link’s Awakening Review


I played about half of the original Link’s Awakening when I was a kid. The dungeons were difficult, and online walkthroughs weren’t readily available. Link’s Awakening, more than any other Zelda game, benefits from the use of guides because of the illogical nature of its overworld puzzle. While the new Link’s Awakening presents itself as relatively easy and directed to a younger audience, the puzzles are often nonsensical and the later dungeons are complex, overwhelming affairs.

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Attack the Gas Station Review

Attack the Gas Station is absolutely wild. This is a Korean movie from 1999 that I caught during the IFC’s Korean Film Festival. I saw five movies, including the classic Oldboy and two of Bong Joon Ho’s early movies, but by far this was the most fun of them all. Attack the Gas Station doesn’t take itself seriously, but has great characters and solid action scenes.

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