Natasha Leggero – Coke Money

This is Natasha Leggero’s first album. It showcases her ability to be a character on stage. Unlike most stand up comedians, you’re not really supposed to relate to her. In a lot of ways, she’s a villain on stage, and it works so well. She starts with a few jokes about her outfit, including one making fun of children working in sweatshops and then moving on to the issue of the world’s depleting diamond supply. It established the tone and character of the album perfectly. 

The album cover does a lot for establishing her character. Leggero presents herself as a rich white, bitchy woman. It’s great. It’s different from any other comedian I have ever seen. The cover’s use of juxtaposition between the harsh reds and the glimmering white is great. It’s focused, clean and smart. 

As the album goes on, the performance of the character loosens. It doesn’t matter much because Leggero consistently delivers witty insights and punchlines. During a joke about how dance music just uses the first 10 second of songs, she says “If the Dj has made it to the bridge of a song, you know he’s ODed’ Then goes on to talk about Fergie’s music video choices. 

One of my favorite jokes ever, is track four “Girl you ain’t got no arms” which starts with a bit of crowd work. A woman says something in a wild way, and Leggero intimates her. Then she goes on to tell a story about where she’s from. She tells a story about a story from her local paper, “armless woman refused service at mcdonalds.” Leggeros’s delivery of the first paragraph of this news article is precise. It shows exactly what Leggero thinks of the situation without her having to say it. 

There are a lot of pop culture references on this album without being overbearing or meaningless. There’s a quick joke on Jersey Shore, which leads to a bit about Snooki. These jokes still work, even though it’s been about ten years since it’s been relevant. Then she pulls out a phone book, and does some jokes about how creepy it would be to use it. 

This is an album that you shouldn’t overlook. Leggero has a precise eye. This makes her a great roaster. I don’t usually watch the Roasts, but i always try to catch a youtube video of her segment afterwards. She’s detail oriented, and takes no prisoners. Since this album has been released, there have been a lot more female comedians. None of them even try to do what Leggero does. She’s a character comedian that doesn’t shove it in your face.