Free Solo Review


When you Google Free Solo, you do not get pictures of the guy — the guy the camera follows for the entire movie and whose name I do not remember. (It is, I found out after a Google search, Alex.) No, instead you find pictures of a tiny person on a huge cliff. That is what the movie should be about. A tiny guy on a huge, beautiful cliff, climbing. Instead we get a moral question about if they should be making this documentary. Shouldn’t this be a thinkpiece, I wonder? We get questions such as: how can he date if he risks his life for fun? I don’t care. I want to see that rock and understand how climbing up it is possible. I don’t get what I want from this movie. It is there, just in shallow detail.

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Attack the Gas Station Review

Attack the Gas Station is absolutely wild. This is a Korean movie from 1999 that I caught during the IFC’s Korean Film Festival. I saw five movies, including the classic Oldboy and two of Bong Joon Ho’s early movies, but by far this was the most fun of them all. Attack the Gas Station doesn’t take itself seriously, but has great characters and solid action scenes.

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