Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

This was a sloppy movie trying to make a big point. It’s’ about a girl who pretends to be drunk and then kills people. Or at least that is what the trailer tells you it is about, and that’s what the first 20 minutes of the movie promises, but it’s not what the movie is about it. It’s about the main chick getting killed, while being a stripper, while attempting to kill a rapist. 

I did not like this movie. I like Carey Mulligan, I like Bo Burnham. I like movies that make sense. This movie does not make sense. There are costuming choices that don’t make sense– I mean they live in Ohio for god’s sake, and yet mulligan wears sundresses everywhere, and mulligan just goes to a club. All of her Mulligan’s characters’ friends work in the same area that they went to medical school at? That’s a little wild. These are the more nitpicky parts of my complaints. 

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The Eight Hundred

This is the best chinese propaganda movie I have seen. It’s also the only chinese propaganda movie I have seen, though more seem to be making it to american theatres. Not Leap though, which the Tinseltown movie theatre said it would have, but it doesn’t look like there are any showings. I want to watch chinese propaganda that involves basketball. Why is this so difficult? 

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A Taxi Driver

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(Korean: 택시운전사; Hanja: 택시運轉士; RR: Taeksi Unjeonsa)

This is a great South Korean movie from 2017. It is a very tight and watchable movie that clearly delivers on a political story. It starts with showing us the day of a poor Seaule taxi driver, and when he gets home we see that he’s behind on rent, and his daughter has punched the landlord’s son. So his life isn’t great. The next day, he is hanging out with the other taxi driver and overhears another table bragging about a large gig they have for the day. Our taxi driver goes to the place where a bragging taxi driver said he was to meet his client and steals the client. The client is going to another South Korean city a few hours away, but when they get close to the city it’s blocked off by the military. They then try to take the backroads but those are also blocked off. They convince the military to let them through by saying that the client, a german foreigner, is an important business man. When they get to the city, they find a group of student protestors, and the german journalist takes a camera and reveals that he’s a journalist. The story is of the journalist trying to the world of the protests in South Korea.

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Dragon Quest Your Story

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I love the Dragon Quest games. I have played about five of them, there are eleven mainline games, but I have not played Dragon Quest V, which this movie is based on. Dragon Quest is huge in japan, but has never done very well here. This was a huge movie in japan, but didn’t get a theatrical release, or even a very big Netflix release. But I care! So here are some thoughts.

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The Assistant


God this movie is boring. Overwhelmingly boring. The trailer claims that it’s a thriller but that’s more than a stretch that might just be a straight up lie. The reviews for this are exceptionally bifurcated, either you’re giving it five stars or one star. Either you find this a poignant, but quiet movie that reflects the Weinstien world, or you think it’s boring. I think it’s fucking boring.

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Bombshell was fun, and that’s what I needed after watching The Assistant. The assistant was boring and self important look at sexual harassment in an entertainment industry office. Bombshell is on the same topic, but leaves all self important dullness at the door. Bombshell follows three women at different points in their careers at Fox news. Kayla, just starting at Fox, played by Margo Robbie gets sexually harassed by Roger Ailes. The second, the most famous, Megyn Kelly was harassed by Roger close to a decade ago. And the last, Gretchen Carlson, played Nicole Kidman, was harassed on the daily and at the beginning of the movies gets fired. Gretchen starts an impeccably executed lawsuit against Ailes.

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Weathering with you

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This is the follow up to anime hit Your Name. It improves from Your Name in a lot of ways, especially with regards to technical animation but also is kind of a let down in story and characters. Makoto Shinkai got his start by making his own anime, doing basically everything on his own. Since then, he has grown to be in charge of an entire animation studio. Each movie he’s produced has been more expensive, and more technically ambitious. But each movie has kept certain themes, and a certain art style that features very detailed, very pretty, background art.

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Promare is phenomenological anime at it’s finest


Promare is a new movie from the anime studio “Trigger,” which produced the TV shows “Kill la Kill” and “Gurren Lagann,” both of which were met with wide acclaim. Promare is their first venture into making a standalone movie. The movie is strong in many of the areas that Studio Trigger is known for — art direction, editing, and fight scenes — but lacks in pacing, character, and plot.

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Detective Pikachu looks gross and that’s not even the worst part

Detective Pikachu is a movie based on a game, which is itself based on a game. The original Pokemon games are a set of role-playing games that came out in the nineties. They feature monsters that human children can catch and claim as their own. Investing children in property rights early. Decades later, the creators said, “What if we made another Pokemon game, but made it a terribly obvious mystery? Something that any kid who had seen a season of Detective Conan could figure out?” Someone in the team went, “Wow, this is exactly what is missing from the Pokemon franchise” and then someone else said “Wait wait wait, have you seen Zootopia? Let’s do that, but Poketopia.” Then the guy in charge, well, his brain blew up with how amazing he found that idea and went “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” The first guy repeats “The movie Zootopia, but with Pokemon.” The guy in charge says “You want us to make a narrative about oppression with Pokemon?” “No, no no. Not that part, that part doesn’t matter. Just the fact that it was animals in a city.” The guy in charge goes “Oh, wow! Perfect. Let’s do it.”That is the movie we got: an uninspired, derivative bore.

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