Tig Notaro – Drawn

Tig Notaro – Drawn

Shrek retold takes the classic story of Shrek, and gives it to dozens of people to animate, and reenact. Each entity takes a piece of the story, sometimes as short as a few seconds, sometimes as long as a whole scene. It’s a crazy experience that you have to try for yourself. I loved Shrek Retold. It is one of my favorite movies ever. It added so much to the story of Shrek, the bombastic nature of changing animation styles. 

There was a joke about Jenny Slate trying to get a coffee with Tig, and failing to, because each time she tried to contact Tig, Tig was undergoing exceedingly bad situations. This is an interesting thing, because it is a different version of the story we hear from the classic live set. It’s one that further away, the funny isn’t a moment like the “hello, I have cancer is’ ‘ now it’s moved on to tragedy with time. And it’s less pressing. I think one thing about that Hello I have cancer bit, that doesn’t get talked about is how it plays into Tig’s established character. Is she just fucking with you, is a thought and idea that an audience member who would have known Tig, and the other comics watching would aren’t her best friends, would have connected with. 

I just wish it was more chaotic. The comedy itself has an element of embracing chaos. There is a moment when a spider is on stage and Notaro talks about it. She also has moments of audience interaction. Both of these moments work very well with being animated, but why not just animate it in a consistent way?

Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Can we focus

Ladies and gentlemen, Michelle wolf! Thank you, thank you. Wow. Boy. what a time to be alive, huh. I probably don’t need to say this but  should just let everyone know I am feminist, yeah one person that’s all, that’s about average. Oh, feminism is very unpopular, I should also point out I’m not I’m not like a buy my own drinks feminist. We all have our line and mine is at the bar. In want equal pay and a chadra. Well then just the chardonnay. I do think as feminist we’re fighting for too many things right now. There are some feminist that are like we want to get paid the same and then there are some feminist that are like we want to free the nipple on instagram. It’s like hey can we focus, I know she’s more fun can we focus. It’s like during the revolutionary war some of them were like we want to be independent and others were like we want to free the nipple on instagram. Maybe England should stay in charge of you, you should like you’d be easily irrentestoin. Just like logically we focus our attention and power on one thing, so personally I think we should go after equal rights but if someone made a vote and we went nipple then fine, I’m a team player I’ll go nipple. It’s just hard for me that it’s was a woman’s idea, sound sliek a man infiltrated a meeting and was like we gotta get these nipples on instagram, did you hear we can’t, it’s not fair, we’re women, you know men my main concern is the woman. That’s why I call them the woman. And the whole debate is that men are aloud to have their nipples on instagram and women aren’t.. Here’s an easier solution, just get male nipples off of instagram. I’ve never seen a male’s nipples and been like, oh now my day is better. Boy do i love looking at those useless skin tags. We gotta focus, we got to focus on what we’re fighting for, we can’t stop and look at shiny objects. We can’t campaign about whose on money. Like I mostly use a credit card and there is a picture of a cat on it, and I picked it because I’m the person you think I am. There were a ton of options and I was like a cat and then I saw there was another cat option and I was like I gotta open another account. I’m not a monster, no I don’t want to donate to your children’s charity. Like why do I want a woman on a dollar anyway, it’s not like amen is going to look down on it and be like oh right I’m going to start respecting these. I’m sorry stripper I can’t give this to you, I mean mrs. stripper. 

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Julio Toress – My Favorite Shapes

2020-05-03 16_09_19-Julio Torres - My Favorite Shapes - Google Docs

Julio Torress is a burst of codiant surrealistic energy in stand up. This special is some kind of mix of stand up and performance art that is strange and hilarious and surely unlike anything you’ve seen in a stand up special before. Toress was a writer for SNL, and wrote the sketches “Wells for Boys” and “Ivanka Moments.” Sketches that seem like the polar opposite of Pete Davisons’ Chad character sketches. Sketches that are unique and interesting, have something to say and deliver a new joke. Torress has an energy and drive to present something new with his comedy and this special My favorite shapes is perfect articulation of that energy.

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Ramy Youssef – Feelings

2020-04-27 11_19_21-Ramy Youssef_ Feelings - Google Docs
Ramy Youssef was unknown to me before getting his show and this special. The most striking part of this special is how it looks. The building is the Chicago Cultural Center. It is gorgeous and unique for a stand up special. The color pallete is soft oranges, tans and browns. It’s very welcoming. The camera will often frame Youssef from the side. The camera is always moving slowly, inching towards the audience to closing in on Youssef. This adds a sense of progression that is reflected in Youssef’s jokes. I see these stand up specials, like this one and Crensaw’s which was shot in a school, and it’s like, why would you ever shoot your stand up special in a theatre. This is so much more beautiful, interesting and it engages with what Youssef is about. But past the look of the special, it doesn’t showcase truly hard hitting jokes.

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