Lucas Brothers: On Drugs

The Lucas Brothers are identical twins who live in Brooklyn. They previously made an animated show together called “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.” This is their first Netflix special.  

The special starts with a clip of Richard Nixon launching an offensive on drugs. Then we see the brothers light up a joint and go to start their show. They walk up pretty slowly, and on stage where there are cardboard cutouts of Richard Nixon. The background of the stage is a repeating background of Nixon in blue-tints. The setup is a lot. I often found myself staring into the eyes of Richard Nixon while listening to the jokes. There are some little touches on this theme as well — each of them has buttons supporting anti-Nixon causes. 

The twin dynamic brings a lot to their comedy. A punchline can pack so much more punch when one of the twins gives a quick “yep” or “okay” right after the other delivers the punchline. It also lets them tell jokes through conversation. “Did that joke work?” “No, let’s update the punchline.” In another joke, one brother stares at the ceiling trying to think up a punchline until the other asks, “What’s up, man?” But their personalities are similar, so it’s a conversation about building, not really about disagreeing. 

Most of my favorite jokes they tell start from a small story. They talk about how their drug dealer is a feminist and made them watch a WNBA game. I love these jokes because they’re so unexpected and are such a weird intersection of things. Just in this one joke, they’re talking about drugs, basketball, feminism, and an annoying dude. 

With all their jokes about drugs and their different delivery style, they come off as very alt. They’re also low-energy. Some of their biggest moments on stage are in relation to each other. When the special starts, one of the twins walks in a circle around the other twin. There are moments where a twin will ‘toss’ a joke to the other twin. I’ve never seen anything like these twins. I think everyone should watch this special just to get a feel for what these two can do on stage. It’s interesting to see how stand up is different when two people are acting as one. 

Chad Daniels – Natural Selection Transcribed

Chad Daniels – Natural Selection transcribed


Hello, hello. Hello. Hello. Hi, hi, I got one of these for everyone. That’s how I do comedy. Come out and say hi to everyone, and then it gets weird cause I start asking personal questions. Two weeks ago I went golfing and finally beat my wife, those are two separate things. I got home she was like, are you golfing again, I fucking lost it, I lost my mind, I’m dressed like an asshole what do you think. Course I was flogging, I obviously did not beat my wife, but she bugs the hell out of me sometimes, and I’m sure that if she was a comedian she would open with that exact same sentence. About me so I think it works. She has a PhD in genetics, but that’s it. She doesn’t have a PhD in everything even though you wouldn’t know that by talking to her. Many PhDs think they’re smart, about one thing, you’re smart at one thing. Here’s why it bugs me, one time she said what would you ever do without me? I’m a grown up, I have my own money, what would I do without you? Bring to the cemetery once a year. Sorry, I don’t have time every month, but I’m a single father of two because you text and drive. That’s a shitty question. I work on the road by myself. Away from her, what does she think happens, I just curl up in the hotel room in the bed until someone gets me. Oh thank god you came, I didn’t know what to do, I don’t know if you heard my wife isn’t there. So scared. What would you ever do without, that’s a question men don’t ask women, because we don’t give a shit, that’s a fact if we left it’s for a reason. I know what my wife would do without me, she’d take showers with hard water because she doesn’t know we have a softener in our house. We lived there for eight years, I have brought five green bags of salts to the basement monthly and she has not once asked me what it is for. And I know why, it’s because she doesn’t want to help bring it down satis, but I could have killed more 100 hookers and she’d be none the wiser. The green bag killer strikes again.  That’s what would be happening. 

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Sold out, Suck it! – Kyle Kinane Transcribed

Sold out, Suck it! – Kyle Kinane

Corporately Stifled

A 22 year old dick having sunglasses on riding a skateboard all the time. Shouldn’t’ be able to organism just like awesome all the time, it’s all it should be. I don’t understand you mind and your body should be one system, it’s put together that way. Just one machine that gets you through the world safely, the mind and the boy, here’s the office and hers the warehouse.. It should all work together to do that. Except my mind and my body are not working together to do that. My mind and my body are not a symbiotic relationship, it’s a spy v spy cartoon, putting bombs in each other’s pocket every single chance it can get. There is a woman of age who wants to have consensual sex with you no stings attached, really, yeah, I’m nervous. PHHHH. Let’s have a conversation about brunch for 3 hours now. Are you on a field trip right now, Kylie? Are you in front of the Vietnam memorial right now, what’s happening now, really weird boner, three dead soldiers in a row all named Oscar, yeah yeah what the fuck. Are you okay Kyle, just getting real emotional you guys go ahead. Jesus Christ why. Betrayal. 

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Mike Birbligia – My Girlfriend’s boyfriend

Best of the Decade (2)

I think this is one of the best comedy albums of the 2010’s. It is more ambitious than most other comedy albums. This album intertwined story and jokes in a perfect way. There is an overarching story that Birbiglia sets up at the beginning, and then goes back and explains how he got in that situation. Very Goodfellas. He opens by talking about how he doesn’t want to get married and how he would never want to get married, and how he is married. 

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Nate Bargatze – Yelled at by a Clown

Best of the Decade (3)

Nate Bargatze had a great 2019. His Netflix special “The Tennessee kid” came out, it upped where he was able to play. Bargatze is a comic’s comic, but one that has come to appeal to a much more mainstream audience in the last few years. This is his first album, and in many ways his strongest. It has jokes that all his fans want to hear. 

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Sam Jay – 3 In The Morning

2020-08-18 11_04_39-Sam Jay - 3 in the morning - Google Docs

Sam Jay had a great first album “Donna’s Daughter,” it’s great to see someone like her get a Netflix special. Someone young, black and queer. Jay is cool and young, and feels like a strong middle ground between alternative comedy and club comedy.

The special has a ton of warm colors. There is an orange glow across the stage. The stage is a classic black curtain that is highlighted with the orange light. Jay wears a busy polo that has black and yellow stripes and a line of numbers diagonally across the front and a large brown patch on the back of the shirt. The collar looks like corduroy. It’s a fun shirt that fits well with the color palette of the special. Some of the camera work is a little shaky, but it often cuts particularly close to Jay’s face during these moments, which let’s viewers focus on small facial expressions.

She opens with a joke about how she’s in Atlanta, and the place she’s performing is close to where she’ picked up the last guy she was with. This leads her into talking about how much she hates dicks, and eventually getting to a part that’s in the trailer for the special about her going everywhere with her girlfriend. Even in this opening part, there is an effortlessness in how she’s able to transition between ideas and jokes.

She’s able to bring in important ideas and bring them to the same level as her personal stories without lessening the idea or feeling preachy. She talks about how representation matters, and makes a joke about how she thought the only way to be a black dyke was to be on crack.

An overarching element of the special is that she’s traveling to Europe with her girlfriend. She tells a story about taking mushrooms and then going to a museum, then on the ride back, a cab driver comments on her american accent. Then she says she wouldn’t defend america. “We’re better than Trump? We’re a country of Golden Corral Buffets”

She has a longer bit about how we need trans women because they will be the women to join the NFL. There is obviously no ill will intended in the bit, but it doesn’t really come off well. I have never seen a comic, including a gay comic, who wasn’t trans who has benefitted from centering a joke on trans people. She then does a joke about why she’s not a feminism, and makes a joke about finding Me too being silly after Aziz Ansair’s story happened. These are very politically charged topics that anyone in the audience will have opinions already. I don’t think that Jay articulates a opinion that seemed necessary to comment on either situation, though the Ansair joke is a stand out from this section.

Sam Jay shows a lot of promise, and is very engaging. There are few true laugh out loud moments in the special and steam runs low towards the middle of the show. The trans and feminism bit is distracting to her overall charm.

3 out of 5 stars.

Gary Gulman – In This Economy

2020-05-30 13_54_31-Gary Gulman - In This Economy - Google Docs

Gary Gulman In This Economy was one of the first comedy specials I remember watching. It was on Netflix early when it had first started it’s digital service. This special opens with just an announcer going “Gary Gulman” and then he starts his set. BAM! Quick! There is a very short animation that lasts about a second. There is no long sketch that sets up the special, no documentary thing, just BAM start. Just going into comedy. Gulman immediately gets to one of his best jokes, about blockbuster. This joke was so successful that it kind of permeated culture. People who don’t know that joke reference that joke. There is a lot to this joke– including the title drop– “In this economy it should be illegal not to be watching something.” This is also where Gulman talks about watching documentaries– saying that he believes that Netflix thinks his genre in animal cruelty. I remember so much of the ideas of this special, without remembering the actual jokes he made.

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