Mike Birbligia – My Girlfriend’s boyfriend

Best of the Decade (2)

I think this is one of the best comedy albums of the 2010’s. It is more ambitious than most other comedy albums. This album intertwined story and jokes in a perfect way. There is an overarching story that Birbiglia sets up at the beginning, and then goes back and explains how he got in that situation. Very Goodfellas. He opens by talking about how he doesn’t want to get married and how he would never want to get married, and how he is married. 

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Demetri Martin – These are jokes Transcribed

Demetri Martin – These are jokes

The start

Hello. I’m Demerit’s grandma, and I welcome you all, and I hope you like the cd we made. 

Music (One time I did a show on a stage with a microphone, these are jokes)

Alright it’s my honor to introduce a good comedian and a good person, Demetri Martin. 

Thanks guys, thank everybody for being here. I had this stage set up precisely for maxim cd recording, that’s it for that sentence. Once I start the clock then the show really starts. This show official starts right now… soon as you sit down. The show officially starts right now, dating is difficult white and black people are different and airplane food is unacceptable. Yes! That’s three jokes in five second this is awesome. That’s a very lpm, lots of laughs per minutes on this cd. My name is Demetri and these are some of my jokes. 

Some Jokes

I like digital cameras, because they enable you to reminisce immediately. Just like, look at us. We’re so young. Standing right there, wow. Where does the minute go? I was on the train and heard this guy say to his friend, man I’m really only  good at checkers. Which is the same as saying, man I’m really not good at a lot of things. Except checkers. King me dawg. Checkers i learned a king is guys who has another guy who looks exactly like him right on top of him, but life taught me that’s a queen. I think the worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades. Especially if your teammates are bad guessers. The only time worse would be during a game of fake heart attack followed by naps. I went into a shoe store and asked if they had this in a 10 and a couple months later they came back and said I don’t have a ten. I have a nine. Great. Cause while you in the back my toes were severed off. Normally it would be retarted for you to say a number different than what we agreed on, but given my very reticent accident you’re ringtone. Congratulations you’re rehired. I think vests are all about protections. Life vests are all about drowning. Bullet proof vest protects you from getting shot, and a sweater vest protects you from pretty girls. Leave me alone can’ you tell I’m cold just right here. There’s a narrow cold front passing through Chicago. I have giant fat arms and skinny torso what should I wear? I heard this lady say I love kids, that’s nice. Kind of weird though, that’s like saying I like people for a little while. How odlar you 14 piss off? 13 and under liker. You can say I like kids, or I love kids as a general statement, but when you get specific that’s trouble. I like 12 year olds. No dude. Swimming is a confusing sport, sometimes you do it for fun and sometimes you do it to not die. Sometimes when I’m swimming I get confused, I have to go by what I’m wearing. Pants, uh oh. Bathing suit, okay. Naked, well see. It’s like waking up in the morning you have to check your outfit to see if it’s cool. If I wake up with clothes it’s like alright, I planned this. You wake up and you’re naked, you have to check your surroundings, alright I’m naked she’s pretty cute, what’s he doing here? I think drowning would be a horrible experience, but a little lose horrible if right before that you’re really thirsty. It’s like a man, I could use a drink. I’m good, I’m Good, that’s too much. That’s why when I’m on a  boat I bring a lifejacket and a bag of potato chips. I don’t like thank you cards because I don’t know what else to say. What do I put on the inside, man? See front. I just think they’re very redundant, tell me something I don’t know. Thank You I fear dolphins. This guy is great, interesting. Dolphins can be aggressive swimmers. You can say thank, and you can say thanks a million but any number in between nuh uh. Hey man thanks 256. What? Yeah you gave me a ride that’s not a million. You know that 255 for questioning me. You know keep questioning it’ll be thank zero. And that’s no thanks. Just drinking some water never going to be a treat. Think I’m getting good at saving a situation. I go into calling my friend Chris, hey you have the wrong number, I say no, I’m trying to avoid him. 

The Remix

Like try to something for you guys. Like to try to remix some of my jokes for you. I’m playing this glockenspiel and this keyboard while I talk. (music) yeah, uh huh, yeah, you gotta agree with this song. Can’t be like maybe! I think the best thing about being dumb is that it make magic a lot better. Where the hell does that rabbit come from, i don’t know but I’m calling the cops cause he just cut that lady in half. Sometimes when you get dressed in the morning you’re really making a decision about the day, like when you put on flip flops you’re really saying, hope I don’t get chased today. I find that most theme parks, the theme is, wait in line fatty. Every fight is a food fight when you’re accountable. If you have a pear shaped body, you should not wear pear colored clothes, or act juicer wearing purple. Grimace. My friends are really similar . He uses a lot of similar things he’s like, annoying. The dream catcher works. The dream has to be gay. I was staying a hotel and i ask for a wake up call next morning the phone range, and a voice said, what are you doing with your life, I’m up. I think churches should have checkerboard floors and when you bet board you could just watch the bishop move. I love the living room, very encouraging. Just so alive when I’m here. What are you doing in there man, I’m living dude! Why don’t you try it some time, stop dining. I think it’s weird that when you give someone flowers, you’re really saying here you go, now watch these die. Because I like you, I feel like you should give someone flowers when you want to threaten them. Here you’re next. Better pout your feet in water, cause I’m coming for you. I use this product, I can’t believe it’s’ not butter, sometimes when I’m having toast, I like to be incredibly. How was breakfast, unbelievable. Fooled again. It even tells me how to feel. Sometimes I mix. I can’t believe it’s not butter, with butter to make, I can believe some of it’s butter. I was in a restaurant, and the waitress said, do you want buttery with that? I said, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Remix. 

Other jokes

I think an eating contest is just the beginning of a shitting contest, congrats to the winner but in round 2 everyone loses. Those hot dogs have to exit. Why are there no positive mystery. It’s’ always like who stole the diamond or who killed the butler. It’s never like hey, who made cookies? Somebody cleaned my room. If I had a bookstore I’d make the mystery section really hard to find. Excuse me do you have any mystery novels, well that’s a damn good question. I think that hair gel was invented to make it easier to identify assholes from a distant, sorry man. I want to buy a bunch of hermit crabs and make them live together. You’ll come over, those hermit crabs, not any more, these are mingling crabs. 

Sames are Opposites

Okay guys I’m going to try something a little different, I just gotta tune this guitar. How’s’ the cd? That guy is fucking retared. It’s’ always the b string that’s. Like b stands for bitch string. Just kicking one of the dogs, that’s not a good thing to say in life. It’s one moment from being something very painful. You’d have to have giant balls or be very flexible to do it. This is called, same’s and opposites. In life, there are many things, some of them are the same and some of them are opposites. About some of these I do sing. A cactus is the opposite of a chair. In my house you can sit anywhere but here, especially if your ass is bare. A birdhouse is not the same as a bird home, one is much more comfortable for birds. These are same’s and opposites my friends. Which i determined. A musical is the same as a burlap sack, I would not want to be in either. A squirrel is the same as a can, when there is a bb gun in my hand. Can’t you see that I’m just a man. With destinations. And compound signs. Spare change as wedges for me, I don’t give it unless someone is really asking. Saying I apologies is the very same as saying I’m sorry there’ the same. Unless your at a funeral. To live is the same as to  dream if you both long enough you’ll see, but you have to work in between, unless you have narcolepsy. That was a boring solo. (?) are the same as snexxins. Two are okay but ten are annoying. If you have two of them god bless you. These are same’s and opposites my friends, which I have determined. A secret admirer is the same as a stalker, with stationary. An ex girlfriend as a okay movie, I liked it at the time but I don’t want to see it again. Especially if the movie is kind of a bitch. These are the same and opposite of my friends, which I have determined. So far. Thanks guys! Okay so I’m going to do some more jokes and a couple more things, did you guys see where I put my water, oh chair was in the way. I know you can’t feel that but I don’t care. 

These Jokes

I like to my friend Leo on the stage to help me with something. Leo Allen everybody. Some of my jokes I think there is a visual competence that will be lost on the cd, without some acoupainign description. So Leo will describe the parts of the jokes that you wouldn’t get. [Leo: So for people who aren’t here, or blind people] Blind people are really the demo I’m going for. I’m not, in fact on the cd there is going to be sticker that says not for blind people. So let’s try a couple [leo: sure] I got a haircut for the cd recording last week, and I went into the salon and said can I get a trim? But it must have come out, gay beetle please. [Leo: Demetri looks like a gay bettle at the very least like a bisexual George] the straw is a great invention because you can drink without using your wrist, the straw is your friend, until you lose eye contract with the straw then he will betray you and make you look like an idoit [Leo: through the art of mime, he made it look like he was struggling with the straw which made us emotionally connect with the joke] I had to pull the straw aside and be like what do you think your doing? I don’t need you. Your al luxury. The ice is even worse, when there is liquid in there it’s like a pool party, yeah we’re keeping it cool, I’m talking about when we get to the bottom and it’s just me and ice, come just one here, I just want something to chew here. And the ice is like hold hold! Everybody now! I have to pull out my lighter and be like who’s the ice now bitch, looks like you’re liquid, called a physical change, but you wouldn’t’ know anything about that, cause you’re just a temperature and shape, sounds like something you’d say about an ex, she was just a temperature and shape, temperature cold and shape ugly. I want to make a revolving door that says pull on it. See how obedient people are, oh it’s one of these.  [Leo: it was like demi tire was in a revolving door but backwards because that’s what the joke was] Whenever i get a drink that has a tiny umbrella in it I take it out and just wait for a day when there is a tiny rain. Just be like, hey how’s it going, pretty crappy weather, also watch out there is wizard back there. Yeah that was large and I was Korean, he’s pretty mad. I have to switch keyboards. I don’t want there to be an awkward silence, where is everyone from, great. (people yelling out) Someone is from the part of Michigan where they have speech impediments. Michigan! What’s your name, carolon! Reporting for duty in the retarted army sir. 

Personal Information Waltz

This is called the personal information waltz. I would like to invite you to the stage to accompany me, my friend Will Forte. Let’s get started (I love you) . That was someone from the audience not willing. I don’t own a pound, but if someone asks if I have a poncho I don’t say no, I say not right now, because I do have some blankets and a scissor. I’m two minutes away from a poncho or some scarves. It just depends how I cut it. oooOoooH. Whenever something good happens to me, I like to wait two weeks before I tell anyone, because I like to use the word fortnight. I think bears and worms aren’t very similar until you think of gummy, then they’re very similar. Ohohohohohoh (will forte) Yeah Yeah whoa. I don’t get. I used to compete in sports a lot, but then I realized you can buy trophies, now I’m good at everything, including checkers. I hang out in sports bars a lot, I’m not really into sports that much, or drinking, but i love slapping five. Pi pi pba baba dua du du du (Will Forte) Ohhh Yeah Oh yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. You alright man? I’m doing fine Demetri! Wonderful. Wow. I’m gonna open a store called causal. It’s going to be just like the gap but bigger. I’m gonna break it down now. Work it. Do your thing. Robot will. I think graffiti is the most passionate literature there is. It’s always like bush sucks, liberty rules. I want to make indifferent graffiti. Toy story 2 is okay. I like Gina as a friend but I’m not sure about taking things further. This is a bridge. I am afraid of sharks but only in a water situation. If I saw a shark on the street I’d be like, what fuck you. It’s like the opposite of how I am with lions. Fuck you fucking sharks fortnight, ponchos cavern other previous jokes, fortnight, fortnight. If I ever saw an amputee being hanged I’d just ylle out letters. R U T if those spells rest let him down, shouldn’t just be hanging just his head anyway. Yow cow cambam batman sounds. Bam. thank you Will Forte. That cracker can sing. 

One story

Sometimes people ask me, what do you do during the day, so I thought I’d pick one day from my life in the summer and answer it. It was really hot this past summer in New York where I live. I woke up and it was really hot so I decided to go to the beach but it was too far so I decided to go to central park instead. Besides I hadn’t been to the beach since the summer the synchronous swimming team drowned. It was tragic but beautiful, apparently the leader got a cramp and they were pretty hardcore. SO I went to the park, when I got there, there were all these people laying out getting sun tans, but I’m more intestines in sun burns, cause a sunburn tells a story. Like hey that guy likes v necks. When I got the park I read a book cover to cover, it only took 2 minutes cause I went outside. I read a lot of books this summer. Cause I’m working on a book myself. I’m excited because some authors write in first person, others third, I’m writing in 5th person, so every sentence starts I heard from this guy who told someone. It’s’ going to be a very long book. It’s about a high school marching band that stays together after they graduate. It’s’ called, never get laid. I left the park I had some errands to run, it was my friends birthday and I had to get him a card, but I was mad at him, so I put quotes around the word happy. While I was walking I came to restaurant so I grabbed soda, it was where I used to eat all the time, but I stopped arbutus, because I saw a sign that said employees must wash hands, especially Karl. I got back to my neighborhood, someone must have lost a dog, posters with the dog’s name, personality and picture on them. A few blocks later I ran into a dog, but I said wait a minute, this poodle is not gregarious. He seems introspective. Neverminded this is the wrong dog, run along. Owning a dog in the city is like saying, “my need for companionship outweighs my disdain for picking up shit. I don’t like shit but I am lonely, I’m gonna get a German shepherd, and a shovel. Was in a department store, riding the special and fell down the stairs for an hour and half, when I got to the bottom I got up and went outside, saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in years, a guy named Dean, and hadn’t seen him in years. The last time I saw him, we were doing a roofing job together on top of a 40 story building, he started crazy and goes I can’t take it man, got up on a ledge and jumped, just after he jumped i looked down a noticed that trampoline emporium was having a sidewalk sale that day. Just after he jumped he bounced right back up, up to 40 stories to where I was standing, he was like, you know I think a lot of your joke premises are contrived and hard to believe. That night I was playing twisters with some amputees. But that night, I went out to dinner with a friend of mine, also a comedian, he does art too. He makes icons for agnostics. Just looks like icons, cept in every picture where god has this look on his face like. We were eating dinner and he said to me, if comedy doesn’t work out, do you have a plan b, I said hell no, my plans are numbers, i said, someday I’m gonna eat an apartment right next to Carnegie hall, practice practice practice, make a left. Anyway we had a big meal and I was so tired I went right home, I called him the next day asked him how he was, he said not well that burrito did not agree with me. I asked him what the disagreement was over, how much he was crapping? Let me guess who won, the burrito, yeah I wanted to go out, but he insistent that i shit my pants. I thought, you know sometimes, life is funny. 

Some more jokes

Whenever i meet someone who has a kid, they have to show me a picture of their kid. But when i show them a picture of me, to show to their kid, I’m weird. What kind of one street is that? Yeah he’s cute just give him that, tell it’s Demetri, give him my number we’ll hang out i don’t care. When someone shows you a photo of their what they don’t want to hear oh yeah i have photos of your kid too. Whenever I see an autobiography for sale in the bookstore I just flip to the about the author section. Done next. I like board games, there are so many board games with so many different titles. Sometimes I wish they just had the same titles, which one of my friends is a competitive asshole? Looks like tonight we played Steve. If you’re lost and you have a map, people are inclined to help, but it’s a different story when you have a globe. Hi could you tell me where the mall is. I want to launch a globe into space. Just to mess with astronauts. Captain we’re way further than I thought. I got some new page ijma with pockets in them. Which is great because I used to have to hold stuff when I slept. Now I’m like where’s my planner, oh there it is, keep sleeping. Right on schedule. I wish I had a pajama backpack for all this other stuff. I’m kind in a touch situation because I like rainbows but I’m not gay. But I’m not against being gay, but i end up in situations where I have rainbow on something, and under i write not gay, and under that I write but supportive. Cause it’s just frustrating, cause it’s like that group just took refracted light. It’s like, hey, that’s all of us, take a couple colors on the spectra you guys got the whole rainbow. Sexual orientation, doesn’t really make sense. I’m still awkwardly on stage. 

The Jokes with Guitar

I like to play guitar, I find it very relaxing. When I started guitar I played a lot of it. I was a street performer, it was hard, because I lived in the suburbs, a cul de sac. Not a lot of foot traffic, people went down there to make a u turn, i’d get em. This store in my neighborhood is called futon world. I love that name, futon world,and it makes me think of a magical place that becomes less comfortable over time. I think statues are wonderful. They show us what great people would look like if birds shit all over, because pigeons have no sense of history. I just ate some bread and I’m goin in pretty much wherever I want. How long is it going to take in society for us to see a person with an eyepatch and not think they’re a pirate? Just saw a guy with a suit and briefcase and eyepatch. Off to me office, where me meeting argh! Bought a dictionary, the first thing I did was look up the word dictionary. It said you’re an asshole. I was eating a bowl of cereal. I had all these questions and comments, lucky there was a number on the box. So I called, so now I have a question, is this cereal as delicious as I think it is, and I have a comment, yes. Batters are the most dramatic object, other things stop working or break, but batteries die. Why aren’t you listening to my Walkman, I can’t the batteries died in my lap this morning, they were so young, twins are gone. If you’re a batter your either working or your dead, it’s a shit life. I noticed there are no b batteries, goes right to c, I think that’s to avoid confusion because there were b batteries you would know when someone wanted those or just had astute, yes I’d like some b-batteries, what kind? B batteries, yes but what kind, b batteries what? I said it three times! And d batteries are bad for foreigners. Yes I would like d batteries up there. Never order c batteries in two,. I’d like to c batteries. Look at them stupid. By the way if you want to sound creepy just add the to the end of things. Like thanks for coming to my show, ladies. Help! I’ve fallen into a well, and I can’t get out, ladies, only the ladies, it’s like a jacuzzi with really high walls you know you want. Cotton balls, is an example of something I would buy that I would not want to have as nickname. This is my friend Leo, and Eric, and over here is cotton balls. Cinnamon buns on the other, yeah i would buy that and have it as a nickname. Excuses are you cinnamon buns, you bet your sweet ass I am. Sort of is kind of a weak word for somethings i means nothing but other it means everything. Like after I love you. Or, you’re going to live. Or, it’s  boy! Somewhere at a party I learned that peeing in the pool and peeing into the pool. Location location location. I remember when I really used to be into nostalgia. I saw a sign that said watch for children, thought that sounds like a fair trade, especially if you have crappy kids. Went to a clothing store, the lady working there got mad at me, she asked what size are you, I said actual. This ain’t a trick baby, what you see is what you get. Shwe was amazing, I’ve never met a woman like this before. She showed me the dressing room, if you need anything, I’m Jill. I’ve never met a women whose exist is condition. What if I don’t need anything, who are you ? If you don’t need anything I’m Eugene. I like to do craft. Do some tough tg stuff like daggers and skulls. Thing about flitters is that if you get it on you are prepared to have it on you forever. Glitter doesn’t go away, it’s’ the herpes of craft supplies. I love video games but they’re very violent. I want a Zen video game, where you just take care of all the people who got shot in all the other games. Hey man what are you playing, uh super busy hospital 2. Please leave me alone. I need to concentrate. I’m performing surgery on a man who was shot in the head 52 times. I think they named oranges before they named carrots. What are these, those are oranges, oranges. What about these, oh shit. Long pointiest? When they were naming the vitamins they must have thought there were going to be way more vitamins there ending up being. Okay, what’s this one, a, okay next b. Okay b c d e, then they go e and they were pretty much done. That’s embarrassing. Let’s just skip to k and get the hell out of here, when they were naming the animal someone got lazy, anteater? What’s he doing, he’s eating ants, done, next! Feel like my washing machine is sneaky, because I put clothes in there and egzotermne. I hear all this noise in there and I open it up, and it’s like. What man, we’re just hanging out in there. Something happening, don’t worry about it? We’re a washing machine not a show you how i do it machine. I think a bad place for fire would be a factory where they make those trick birthday candles, alright fellows we’re done here. Oh come. I think it would be cool if you were writing a ransom note on the computer the paper clip popped up, looks like you’re writing a ransom note, need some help, you should stronger language and get more money, thanks paperclip with a tattoo nice banda.la It’s weird how fingers puppets are a noun, ladies. Went to a bar with my friend, needed to go to the bathroom, so i went in there sat down, someone had written down, metallic rules, and then metallic sucks, and then it said you suck, and it said you suck, and then it said fuck you, man a lot of people shit with pens. Why Don’t have one, because toy story 2 was okay! This summer I want to go to the beach and bury metal objects that say get a life on them. Love the beach, love to get here really early before everyone 4else shows take like 30 bottles with notes in them, then i wait for everyone to come to the beach then someone comes and picks up the bottle, and watch and when someone picks one up I stand behind them. Then they open it, and it says, I’m standing right behind you. When someone asks you if you’re ticklish it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no they’re going to touch you. They say are you stichligin and you don’t want to be touched, you have to say something like, I have diarrhea, don’t touch me, cause you’re gonna make it come out! And yes, I’m very ticklish. 

The Grapes Song

I like grapes. They taste so delicious. To me, they look like purple green white, i like the juice that comes from inside. Seedless is the best, comes in a bunch. The grapes are delicious but you have to watch it, because they bring the size on. Otherwise they’re very sweet. I eat grape. They are so nutritious. They got vitamin c. I prefer, the ones without seeds. I got hunch I’m gonna eat a bunch. Well I like peaches, I like pineapples. Almost everything fruit is the best thing you can eat. Keep on eating and love it, cause it’s healthy. When I pick grapes I get so ambitious, to see the whole bunch is yummy. I know, they can’t always be, but each grape is an opportunity. African, specific Europe grapes. Grapes. I like grapes. They taste so delicious to me. They look like purple white green. I like the juice that comes from inside. Grapes seedless is the best. Raisins are okay. Come in a bunch. What’s your favorite fruit? Peaches.  

The Wisdom Song

Taking advantage of people when they’re vulnerable results in bad karma. That’s true. There is a cost to anything that is worthwhile in life, I hope it doesn’t cost too much. When starting a new venue, prepare for a long period of putting in before you can take anything out. I will, I will, thanks for the advice. Stamina can be the best trait because it can help you weather the storms. It’s like rain made of fabric emotional fabric. In business if you give a little bit more or a little bit less you’re more likely to stay in business. If you sell a slice for the same price that’d be nice. When you see a behavior in a person you don’t like, chances are you’ll be seeing it again, keep your distance, I will. All the douchebags please back off, when it comes to dating and marriage the goods news is you only need one. I hope I get a hot one. I know it’s tough but you only need one, break it down. It’s a numbers game. You only need one. The people you meet going up the ladder are the same you’ll meet going down. I’ll avoid going on ladders. Every organism takes on the character of its leader. Uh oh, America. We have to be a friend to have a friend, unless you’re really cool that’s a loophole. All good deeds are rewards, but we might like the timetable. I don’t believe that nice guys finish last, they finish someone in the middle maybe in the middle definitely not last place. Slow and steady will get you the fastest. Like a turtle on an open going palace to place. Your best quality is your worst quality, unless your a pedophile. Golden people rule. 

Hidden Track

I’m going to tell you a story about Johnny. Johnny was the very rough boy. And he didn’t want to listen to his mother and didn’t want to drink his milk. That was the biggest problem: no drinking milk and no listening. And he got so mad and I told him one of these days you’re going to swing and swing and you’re going to become so small that no one will see you. So on eBay after school he gets his sweater to go and play and he uh, swing and swing and a soon became so small that when the cleaning lady came he couldn’t’ see Johnny. So he was sweeping and sweeping and put Johnny in the trash can. But his voice was so small and the so low that the cleaning lady couldn’t hear. The next day the garbar ge wine in the truck and the truck was going far far away and Johnny got caught on a branch and the branch was a nest of a little bird, so Johnny was crying and the bird say, why are you crying why are you crying boy and Johnny say because I’m hungry and the bird say, i have something to give you and gives him a worm. Johnny says i don’t like that. And he started crying you better eat it because that’s all I have, he said. I just can’t eat it. I don’t like it. The bird fell silent and he opened his wing and said Johnny went far away and could recognize the house., and he went down and went into the house. From then on he ate everything. The name was Johnny.

Nate Bargatze – Yelled at by a Clown

Best of the Decade (3)

Nate Bargatze had a great 2019. His Netflix special “The Tennessee kid” came out, it upped where he was able to play. Bargatze is a comic’s comic, but one that has come to appeal to a much more mainstream audience in the last few years. This is his first album, and in many ways his strongest. It has jokes that all his fans want to hear. 

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Sam Jay – 3 In The Morning

2020-08-18 11_04_39-Sam Jay - 3 in the morning - Google Docs

Sam Jay had a great first album “Donna’s Daughter,” it’s great to see someone like her get a Netflix special. Someone young, black and queer. Jay is cool and young, and feels like a strong middle ground between alternative comedy and club comedy.

The special has a ton of warm colors. There is an orange glow across the stage. The stage is a classic black curtain that is highlighted with the orange light. Jay wears a busy polo that has black and yellow stripes and a line of numbers diagonally across the front and a large brown patch on the back of the shirt. The collar looks like corduroy. It’s a fun shirt that fits well with the color palette of the special. Some of the camera work is a little shaky, but it often cuts particularly close to Jay’s face during these moments, which let’s viewers focus on small facial expressions.

She opens with a joke about how she’s in Atlanta, and the place she’s performing is close to where she’ picked up the last guy she was with. This leads her into talking about how much she hates dicks, and eventually getting to a part that’s in the trailer for the special about her going everywhere with her girlfriend. Even in this opening part, there is an effortlessness in how she’s able to transition between ideas and jokes.

She’s able to bring in important ideas and bring them to the same level as her personal stories without lessening the idea or feeling preachy. She talks about how representation matters, and makes a joke about how she thought the only way to be a black dyke was to be on crack.

An overarching element of the special is that she’s traveling to Europe with her girlfriend. She tells a story about taking mushrooms and then going to a museum, then on the ride back, a cab driver comments on her american accent. Then she says she wouldn’t defend america. “We’re better than Trump? We’re a country of Golden Corral Buffets”

She has a longer bit about how we need trans women because they will be the women to join the NFL. There is obviously no ill will intended in the bit, but it doesn’t really come off well. I have never seen a comic, including a gay comic, who wasn’t trans who has benefitted from centering a joke on trans people. She then does a joke about why she’s not a feminism, and makes a joke about finding Me too being silly after Aziz Ansair’s story happened. These are very politically charged topics that anyone in the audience will have opinions already. I don’t think that Jay articulates a opinion that seemed necessary to comment on either situation, though the Ansair joke is a stand out from this section.

Sam Jay shows a lot of promise, and is very engaging. There are few true laugh out loud moments in the special and steam runs low towards the middle of the show. The trans and feminism bit is distracting to her overall charm.

3 out of 5 stars.

Gary Gulman – In This Economy

2020-05-30 13_54_31-Gary Gulman - In This Economy - Google Docs

Gary Gulman In This Economy was one of the first comedy specials I remember watching. It was on Netflix early when it had first started it’s digital service. This special opens with just an announcer going “Gary Gulman” and then he starts his set. BAM! Quick! There is a very short animation that lasts about a second. There is no long sketch that sets up the special, no documentary thing, just BAM start. Just going into comedy. Gulman immediately gets to one of his best jokes, about blockbuster. This joke was so successful that it kind of permeated culture. People who don’t know that joke reference that joke. There is a lot to this joke– including the title drop– “In this economy it should be illegal not to be watching something.” This is also where Gulman talks about watching documentaries– saying that he believes that Netflix thinks his genre in animal cruelty. I remember so much of the ideas of this special, without remembering the actual jokes he made.

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Hannibal Buress – Comedy Camisado

This Hannibal Buress’s most recent special, aside from the Edinburgh one, which doesn’t have much material in it. Buress wears a casual outfit, a short sleeve button up and a nice pair of jeans. He’s in a theatre that holds at least 500, but Buress could probably do a bigger show if he wanted. The backdrop is a blue curtain and there are two chandlers on each side of him. It’s a pretty basic set up, but it’s nice.

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Anthony Jeselnik – Caligula Transcribed

I know right? Thank you guys. So great to be here in Chicago. I love this city. I actually went on a date with a girl from Chicago once ,this was like ten years ago, before I was even a comedian yet. Back then I was just a regular old piece of shit like you guys. But I’ll never forget this date, we met up at this bar, we started laughing together, we started connecting, it was great. But then we leave the bar and go back to her place, and as soon as we walk in her front door, she passes out cold on her front couch. Now, I went to college and I knew I had a million options. But I’m a gentleman, so I did the smart thing. I just got a blanket, tucked her in and left her a note that said you got raped. Thank you. I feel like it’s very important to open up my show with a rape joke. Just to see what kind of crowd i’m dealing with here, you guys are going to be great, but if you were upset or you were offended in any way, I’ve only got two more rape jokes. And I wait about 15 minutes.

Good Guy
Don’t think I’m a bad guy for saying that. I’m a good guy. Like I would never hit a woman. I would never hit a woman. Even if she had a Knife… or a stutter. It’s not how I do business.
In fact I might be one of the greatest guys of all time. Like I have a kid in Africa. I have a kid in Africa that I feed. That I cloth. That is school. That I inoculate. For seventy five cents a day. Which is practically nothing, compared to what it costs to send him there.
You guys are doing great so far. I love performing in Chicago, the only weird thing about performing in Chicago is after all my shows everybody just wants to do drugs with me. Like Anthony that was hilarious I got a joint on me let’s go smoke it. Jeselnik did an amazing job, as usual. I’ve got mushrooms in my backpack, let’s eat ’em.’ And I have got to keep telling them, the same thing I’m going to tell you guys right now. Hey assholes, I’m fucking famous, give it to me.

I think my friend Jeff is gay. I don’t know. I’m so bad with names.
When I was a kid, my friends and I got arrested for vandalising a graveyard. Ten thousand dollars in damages, but we had a great lawyer. Who knocked it down to criminal trespassing and necrophilia. I make a lot of jokes about death. I think it’s hilarious.
My whole family is like that actually. (siren noises) This is how hard I’m fucking killing. My whole family is like that. I mean well before I was even born my great grandmother threw herself in front of a bus. Police tried to say she was committing suicide, but the family knew she was just trying to stop civil rights.
Yesterday I accidentally hit a little kid with my car. Wasn’t serious. Nobody saw me.
My little sister had a baby recently, a little newborn. Kid is so cute. But she won’t let me hold him. She refuses. Says no way Anthony. I’m afraid you’re going to drop him. Like I’m some kind of idiot. LIke I don’t have a million other ways to hurt that baby. I will get it done.
And people get weird when kids die. No that’s a fact. A fact. Let a month ago, some kids in my neighborhood were playing hide and go seek and one of them ended up in an abandoned refrigerator. It’s all anyone talked about for weeks. I said who cares, how many kids you know, get to die a winner? I assume you guys all knew who you were coming to see this week. But if you didn’t you sure as shit know now.

Bad Date
Like one thing I’ve never understood is the foot fetish, are you guys together right here? Five years, do you ever suck on her feet? No. Would you, if you had a different girlfriend? Or like you across the board, no feet? Cause I’m across the board on my feet. I once went on a date with a girl where we went hiking. Her idea. And while we’re hiking, she gets bitten by a snake in between the toes. And I had to suck out the poison. So she’s dead. What’s your name? Where are you from? The suburbs. That sure narrows it down. What do you do? What do you do when you’re not being so fucking boring. Take your time, I’m really funny. You’re a full time student, what are you studying? Psychology? Where do you go to school? Rockford college? So you’re not going to be a good psychologist. Last question darling. Have you ever been on a blind date before? No. Lucky. Went on a blind date once just once, and I will never do it again. It was the biggest disaster of all time, she ended up being a burn victim. By the end of the night. I mean it was the worst.

Ex girlfriend
I’ve spent the past two years looking for my ex-girlfriend’s killer. No one will do it. My ex girlfriend owned a parakeet. Do you guys just hear what I said? She owned a parakeet. Oh my god, that fucking thing never shut up, but the bird was cool. My ex-girlfriend had a lot of really annoying habits. I think the worst is that she really liked cosmos, or things like cosmos. And she would flip straight to the relationship page, and no only would she present that to me, as if it were a funny thing for us to do together, even though every question is designed to fuck my entire world up, but even worse is she would get mad at my answers, and make me change them. So we’d get the best score. Like I’ll never forget the last time we played that game, she was like Anthony if you coil have lunch with anyone in the world living or dead, and I said, I don’t know Caligula. And she goes really Caligula. That’s what you’re going to say to me, your girlfriend, are you sure? I said oh I’m sorry baby, let me change that– I’d have lunch with you, and you’d be dead. Yeah we’re not together anymore. She’s got a new boyfriend now, they just moved in together now, and I’ve heard rumors that he’s abusive. Which makes me want to go over there with a baseball bat, and then blame it on her boyfriend. But I don’t want it to sound like a massagist up here, she wasn’t a bad girl, but she was terrible in bed. Terrible in bed. I mean she would just lay there, screaming no. That was rape joke number 2 baby doll.

My girlfriend now is great. My girlfriend now is almost perfect. And she hates that I tell rape jokes, she hates it. Says anthony how can you make light of something as terrible as rape, after I told you that I got raped in high school? And I said baby because I don’t believe you. The point is my girlfriend is very sexy, like the other day she got her haircut, two inches trimmed off her hair, then she came home cried for two hours. Over a haircut, I couldn’t believe it, Finally I went to her and I said baby what are you so upset about it, it’s just a haircut I’m the one who has to find a new girlfriend. Yeah she got mad. She got really mad at me. She got really mad at me a few months ago because she had emailed me a naked picture of herself, but then I screwed up, and I accidentally forwarded it to everyone, now my girlfriend is furious, fortified, disguised with me over this. Now I don’t even care anymore because I have to call up my mother. And say mom, I am so sorry, that picture that email, was just for dad. My girlfriend and I fight a lot, every time we fight it’s always my fault, I should just keep my mouth shut. But I can’t. Because I”m so fucking funny. Like a couple of nights ago, we went to a party, completely wasted, and woke up in bed the next morning completely hung over. And I know i should just keep my mouth shut, but instead I roll over and say “listen baby, don’t get mad but I think your mom tried to have sex with me last night,” and she hits the roof “she says Anthony that’s impossible’ and I say, Well in that case you should always wear makeup. I love that joke so much. Here’s why. Did you guys hear the sounds you made like that was the worst thing I’ve said tonight? I’ve told three rape jokes. I like to play pranks on my girlfriend. Keep things fresh for me, make me laugh. She hates it. But like the other night I put saran wrap over the toilet seat, which doesn’t sound that original, but she’s bulimic. But we make it work, ya know, like, how long have you guys been together, three years okay. What I would say is the secret to a good long relationship. Communication! Wrong! The secret is trying new things together, especially in the bedroom. Like the other night, my girlfriend and I are in the bedroom together, she goes Anthony, I want you to pee on me. Now i have never thought about peeing on a woman in my entire life, never even imagined it. But then I got the green light. And apparently it’s my thing. LIke I just jumped up right away. But as soon as that begins she starts screaming at me. LIke it’s my fault that she talks in her sleep. No big deal for me, my girlfriend yells at me all the time, all the time, and again i’m a gentleman, I never it’s okay to yell back at a woman no matter what. But the other night she yelled at me for so long and so loud that the cops came out the door, because now I have to answer my door and say officers, I’m sorry there is no reason for you to be here tonight, I already taser her. I’ve got this friend named Kevin. I call him a friend, more of an antquiance really, one of those people who think they’re way better friends with you than they really are. LIke the other day kevin says to me, says “hey man, you know what I like it when no one else is around,” and before I can say hey, we’re not really friends. He says, I like to take peanut butter and smear it all over myself and let my dog lick it off. I said dude, you have to get yourself a girlfriend– trade you mine for that dog.

All over the world
Chicago is a great place to perform and I would know, because I perform all over the world. Clubs, colleges, festivals, it’s great. Colleges are amazing, because it’s just like me, talking to 18 to 22 year olds, which is ideal. And they teach me things all the time, I was at college recently and they taught me the term, have you guys ever heard the term Butter-face before? Yeah, it’s been around for a long time, if you haven’t heard the term, it’s like a girl who has a really hot body– but her face– but her face is all fucked up. Now when I heard that I thought that was pretty mean, I’ve never dated a butterface before, but I did once date a monkey face. Have you guys ever heard of that– it’s different. A monkey face is like a girl who has a face like a total monkey, but the rest of her isn’t that hot. Yeah she was one in million. I would give anything to go back and pee on her. I like telling that joke because people think I’m going to be racist with it. Aw Anthony you racist, well fuck you. I’m not racist at all, some of my best friends are black for Halloween. Clubs are great, colleges are great, festivals, festivals are where it’s at festivals are like musicians and comedians hanging out all week. I got to go South by SouthWest in Austin Texas last year. Which is a great festival but i didn’t realize how popular it gets. I drive into town. I’m like hey where is my hotel room this weekend. And they say well where did you book your hotel room, well then your hotel room is your car you fucking idiot. So it’s like two in the morning, I’m trying to fall asleep in the back of my car, and I get a phone call from the festival, they say Anthony good news, they say Anthony there is a hotel about three miles away, if you get there first they’ll hook you up. I drive as fast as I can. Guy behind the desk yes Mr. Jeselnik we do have one room available, but by law I have to tell you that earlier this afternoon two prostitutes overdosed in that bed. And I said well how much more is that?

But I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining to you guys. I don’t want to sound bitter. Being a comedian is the greatest job in the world. The greatest job in the world. Once you get on my level.
The only thing I don’t like is all the travel. I’m always flying somewhere, always in an airport. Even flying into Chicago a couple days ago. Two and a half hour flight delay. Stuck in an airport bar. Talking to some random asshole. And I got nowhere to go. So I’m like “Hey man what do you do?”
“Oh nothing right now, but I used to be a priest.” As in oh shit. But I got nowhere to go, we keep talking, we keep drinking. Finally two hours goes by. Guy gets up, “Hey man I gotta catch my flight. But I don’t want to lie to you. I used to be a priest. I got kicked out, because I molested a kid.”
Now here’s the thing. After talking to this guy, and getting to know this guy for two hours. I have to admit, he was actually a really cool guy. If you could forget about all that Jesus bullshit.
Yeah that’s a favorite. I’m probably going to tell it again later.

But it’s not all bad news with me, my grandfather turns 100 years old next month. Maybe. I’m really skeptical. I don’t think i ever got over my grandmother’s death when I was a kid, my grandmother died of a heart attack, during my 9th birthday party– literally while she was eating cake, and I guess that must have skewed me up a little bit, I still have birthday parties, but now i’m just careful what I wish for. My dad has been having a hard time lately, keeps on losing his keys, can’t hang on to a set of keys to save his life. Little hook next to the door, little bowl next to his bed, one of those key chains makes a noise when you whistle. Nothing worked. Finally this year for his birthday the whole family chipped in and we put him in a home. That was not easy, not an easy decision to make at all. My dad was an amazing man, my dad raised five boys all by himself, without the rest of us knowing. And sure my dad had his problem, had his issues, my dad was a big time alcohol. Major league alcoholic. Black out every night alcoholic. But to his credit my dad never laid a finger on either me or my mom not once and I don’t know if it was just because he loved us so much or if he just hated our sisters. Either way he was a great dad. I remember a tough time for me, I was about ten years old, my parents called me into their bedroom say Anthony we want to get a divorce and you have to decide which one of us you want to live with and i said “dad dad I want to live with dad,” was heartbreaking my mom just looked at the floor and said whatever you want Anthony, and my dad said I don’t want a divorce anymore. And maybe the most uncomfortable moment of my life was when my dad gave me the sex talk, the old man was into some really crazy shit.

But then maybe the greatest moment of my life ever, and I think this is a universal thing for guys, 12 years old, sneaking around my house, and I found my dad’s porn at the back of the attack. It was a game changer, but then the worst day of my life was when I found my mom’s porn, in the back of that video store. I told that joke recently on Conan, that’s right Conan. And immediately afterwards my mom called me on the phone, she said Anthony wht hte fuck. Do ryou really have to make up a joke that makes me sound like I work in pornography, and then say it on Conan, that’s my least favorite joke that you have. Well mom, that’s only because you haven’t heard the other jokes I tell about you. That they don’t let me say on conan. Per example. My mom is crazy, people always like to joke “Oh my mom is crazy” my mom is crazy. Her entire house is filled with nothing but pictures of princess Diana, and they’re all from right after the accident. Most Of them she drew, like it’s really fucked up you guys. My mom had one of those tiny little dogs, those little pomeranians, and she loved it more than any of her kids, to the point of when it finally died last year, she had it stuffed, with another pommeriana. My mom has been having a hard time lately, she just found out that she has to have both of her breasts removed, if she’s ever going to be good at golf. Yeah that can not be easy to hear. SO I’m home to visit, in pittsburg, hang out with my mom for a little bit, yeah, congrats. Just want to go home and hang out with her for a little bit. ALl my mom cares about is the lottery and doing her groceries. Every day it’s anthony go play my numbers go play my numbers please i don’t want to miss out today. Finally after a week of this I had to say, mom are you out of your goddamn mind? Don’t you know that you have a better chance of getting struck by lighting than me doing you a favor.

Suicide Chuck
One thing I’ve learned in all my years of doing stnad up comedy is that people get real upset, audiences really upset if I ever try to tell a joke about suicide, so becuase of that, here are four jokes aobut suicide. That’s appropriate. Got a uh, got a long history of suicide in my family– the good news is that it skips a generation, so if I’m lucky my kids will do it. I’ll never forget my sister Ashley tried to kill herself last year– by throwing herself off a cliff, which is awful. I’m actually the one who found her and had to drive her to the cliff. When I was a kid my uncle Tom killed himself, I remember that cause the family actually tried to cover it up. Make it look like he accidentally shot himself playing regular roulet. No one, no one was fooled, it just didn’t work. But I think the worst was probably my cousin Ty, who killed himself a couple years ago. That was hard because he was just a little bit older than me, I would go to him for advice, and he was great with it too, whether I was asking about school or girls or just life in general. He’d always sa ythe same thing, he’d sa yAnthony Kill yourself. I miss that guy.

Now you guys have been a great crowd tonight, but you’ve just been sitting there, thinking to yourself Anthony this has all been well and good, but where are your offensive jokes? Where are your show stoppers? Well guys, I saved those for the end. I’m going to tell you a series of jokes right now, that are going to get increasingly more offensive. I like that enthusiasm. Let’s see how far it carries. They say it’s easy, it’s easy to make fun of retarted people. But let me tell you guys, it is not, you have really got to explain it to them. That was the first one. Every night my girlfriend comes home, she brings home a brand new houseplant, she says Anthony we need a houseplant, and every night I make her return it immediately. I say no way baby, you can’t take care of a houseplant, you couldn’t even keep your baby alive. Two for two huh? We just, we just found out my little brother has a peanut allergy. Which is very serious ya know, but still i feel like my parents are overreaching, they caught me eating a tiny little bag of airline peanuts and they kicked me out of his funeral. I feel like some of you guys might be too nice to laugh at some of these jokes,and that’s alright not everybody has a great sense of humor. You guys would probably love my little nephew, he’s so cute, I talk to him every day on the phone, he’s unbelieve, he’s got like the greatest timmedation ever. He’s either going to be like a great artist someday, o rhe really did get molested. I wasn’t even laughing about that one, I was thinking about what’s coming. I feel like I need to say, I really need to say this like one of the thoughts jobs in the world, like literally right below comedians. So to me, if a mother doe sher best ,then in my book she’s a good mom, now my mom did servery best, but unfortunately she was also a terrible person, this is true my mom for most of her life, was a holocaust denier. It means she couldn’t believe the holocaust happened. It was terrible for the entire family to deal with. And we had a rabbi come into the home, had her go through a complete history of the Jewish people, and had her watch Schindler’s list. And after that my mom did a complete 180, now she can’t believe it only happened once. Glad you guys enjoy that one. Because my mom was also really racists too. Like when I was a kid, she thought it was a good idea to try to convince me that Santa Claus was black, so then that way when I eventually found out he didn’t exist it wouldn’t be that big a let down.

Three more. I’m not a religious person. I would call myself an atheist. I don’t have a good story behind it’, I’m just reasonable.My girlfriend, my girlfriend has the greatest story behind why she’s not religious anymore. So when she was a kid, like 12 years old, her parents nailed a 25 pound crucifix right above her bed, and about two weeks later in the middle of the night, the crucifix falls off the wall and leaves a 2 inch gash in the back of her dad’s head. Like weather you laughed or not, you have to fucking admit that’s a fucking great story. Now one thing drives me crazy about my girlfriend now is that she’s got like a million shoes. Like a million shoes. And she doesn’t’ even like to wear them, i swear she just like stealing form the holocaust museum. Now that joke you’re either laughing or you’ve simply never been to the holocaust museum. Yo gotta believe me it’s like nike factory in there. But if you haven’t been you should go, it’s important. Now people who fly a lot like I do, people who fly a lot all say the same thing to me, they say “Anthony there is nothing worse than a baby on an airplane, nothing worse than a baby on an airplane. I can give you guys four examples of when having a baby on an airplane was awesome. Although they were all on 9/11.

Shut the fuck up
Now this is the ideal time to you guys I love to meet fans after the show. I like when people come up and say Anthony you’re a genius, Anthony best show I’ve ever seen. And that’s it. I don’t ever want to hear anything else. Anthony you got a bone to pick with me over something I said tonight, instead you should just shut the fuck up. But seriously, I know more about comedy than you do, and you came to see me. Like I said, shut the fuck up. But still, even after I said all that, you still feel like you need to come up and bitch, well I’ll be as polite as I can possibly be. However– it is ill advised. Because you will end up as a joke in my act, much like the blind guy who came up and complained to me in Seattle. He got up and said Anthony Anthony! Why didn’t you tell any blind jokes tonight, I came here to hear blind jokes tonight! Well here is a blind joke. Another good one for me was the lesbian in Portland, who ran up after a show and I know she was a lesbian, because she ran up and said “Anthony I’m a lesbian, but you’re just lucky you didn’t make any lesbian jokes tonight, cause I would have gotten really mad if you had made any lesbian jokes tonight,” and I wanted to say hey, do you realize that makes you a terrible person? And that you have no sense of humor plus your an idiot, if you felt okay laughing at all the other messed up things I joke about, but you would have gotten upset if I had made up of you or something you care about and I was gonna say all that, but then I remembered Anthony, she’s a lesbian, she knows. My second favorite post show interaction was in Boston, years ago, very drunk girl, always very drunk, she screams out, you should never make fun of the holocaust, and I say back why? you know just to be a dick, and she screams back, because I lost family in the holocaust, and I said, well you don’t look Jewish. And she said listen asshole, certain lines your not suppose to cross. Certain boundaries your not suppose push. And I said hey hey, I just gave you a compliment. But my favorite, the most unbeatable, never going to happen again, post show interaction of all time, just about a year ago, I was performing in Orlando Florida, home of Casey Anthony. And this is right after trail. Immediately after the trailer. I said, hey guy I don’t get what the big deal is here, of course Casey Anthony is innocent. She’s guilty of anything; it’s killing her baby. Now after the show, I’m taking pictures, signing tits, you know how it is. And a guy walks up to me, totally sober, looking very upset. He said you need to do me a favor, which is a terrible way to start. And he said, you need to never tell another casey anthony joke again. And I said why, you know cause I’m a dick. And he says, I’ll never forget this, and he says because her daughter Kailie anthony is my niece, and I said bullshit. At which point he takes out his phone, pulls out a picture of him holding little kailie anthony, in happier times of course. And he says, see, see you son of a bitch. ANd i said no, I believe you. I just mean she was your niece.

Eric Andre – Legalize Everything

2020-06-27 12_30_55-Eric Andre - Legalize Anything - Google Docs

Eric Andre is a wild energy, known for his show on adult swim. He’s unlike anything else, and it’s great. But if you look at his earlier stand up before he did the show, it’s not super impressive. His show is full of hilarious antics that are surprising, and push the envelope on what we can do in comedy. He’s very liberal, but is willing to make jokes that don’t necessarily easily fit in with the liberal politics that our facebook feeds are full of.

The set up of the special is relatively simple: Andre has two stools on stage. One for his water and towel– which he needs, and another that he sits on at various points. Andre wears a pink shirt, and grey sweatpants, a very low key look. The background is a brown grey, with lights at the back bottom of the stage. The audience is a stage seating, much like the mercury ballroom in my city, Louisville. You have people standing on the second level, which adds a sense of energy, and makes the room feel really full like it’s a party.

There is a lot of drugs and sex material. “We have arrived at the bukake part of the set” and then people high five, and pump their fists. I don’t know what bukake is, but he explained. A lot of feels like the same old same old drug and sex stuff you’ve heard or seen on the interent for years, but Andre has mor energy than anyone you’ve seen. His comedy looks like a workout. When he says he popped a blood vessel in asshole you kind of believe it. There is a point where Andre tells us that he wanted to open the show by doing a Louie CK, and just come on stage and start mastbating on everyone. This is Andre at his best, making fun of the shitties people, in a wild over the top way. It’s both a little violent, but it’s violence is used to point out the shittesness of that guy.

There is a point where he asks anyone if they’ve seen their parents fuck. Some folks raise their hands, and Andre focuses on one guy and gives him a mic and asks him for the story. The guy says a few things, not much, and then Andre brings an older couple on stage. They start ripping each other’s clothes out and making out. It doesn’t go much further than that, but it’s a fun moment in the special. It could have gone further, maybe in the none filmed version he take it further and you got to see those older people fuck. As it is, it’s a silly moment that doesn’t really go anywhere, even though it’s full of wild energy. I wish that elerly couple really fucked.

This special is wild, and I don’t think it’s a great stand up, but it does make me want to be in that room. It makes me want to go see him, just to be around the people who would go see Eric Andre– that’s where I might find a cool person to date, even if I can’t whole hearted clap when he’s like “Where my weed smokers at!” The special is part wild kegger energy, and part millennials liberal lecture. But mostly it just makes me want more of Eric Andre’s antics, which don’t always translate smoothly to stand up comedy.

Ramy Youssef – Feelings

2020-04-27 11_19_21-Ramy Youssef_ Feelings - Google Docs
Ramy Youssef was unknown to me before getting his show and this special. The most striking part of this special is how it looks. The building is the Chicago Cultural Center. It is gorgeous and unique for a stand up special. The color pallete is soft oranges, tans and browns. It’s very welcoming. The camera will often frame Youssef from the side. The camera is always moving slowly, inching towards the audience to closing in on Youssef. This adds a sense of progression that is reflected in Youssef’s jokes. I see these stand up specials, like this one and Crensaw’s which was shot in a school, and it’s like, why would you ever shoot your stand up special in a theatre. This is so much more beautiful, interesting and it engages with what Youssef is about. But past the look of the special, it doesn’t showcase truly hard hitting jokes.

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