Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Can we focus

Ladies and gentlemen, Michelle wolf! Thank you, thank you. Wow. Boy. what a time to be alive, huh. I probably don’t need to say this but  should just let everyone know I am feminist, yeah one person that’s all, that’s about average. Oh, feminism is very unpopular, I should also point out I’m not I’m not like a buy my own drinks feminist. We all have our line and mine is at the bar. In want equal pay and a chadra. Well then just the chardonnay. I do think as feminist we’re fighting for too many things right now. There are some feminist that are like we want to get paid the same and then there are some feminist that are like we want to free the nipple on instagram. It’s like hey can we focus, I know she’s more fun can we focus. It’s like during the revolutionary war some of them were like we want to be independent and others were like we want to free the nipple on instagram. Maybe England should stay in charge of you, you should like you’d be easily irrentestoin. Just like logically we focus our attention and power on one thing, so personally I think we should go after equal rights but if someone made a vote and we went nipple then fine, I’m a team player I’ll go nipple. It’s just hard for me that it’s was a woman’s idea, sound sliek a man infiltrated a meeting and was like we gotta get these nipples on instagram, did you hear we can’t, it’s not fair, we’re women, you know men my main concern is the woman. That’s why I call them the woman. And the whole debate is that men are aloud to have their nipples on instagram and women aren’t.. Here’s an easier solution, just get male nipples off of instagram. I’ve never seen a male’s nipples and been like, oh now my day is better. Boy do i love looking at those useless skin tags. We gotta focus, we got to focus on what we’re fighting for, we can’t stop and look at shiny objects. We can’t campaign about whose on money. Like I mostly use a credit card and there is a picture of a cat on it, and I picked it because I’m the person you think I am. There were a ton of options and I was like a cat and then I saw there was another cat option and I was like I gotta open another account. I’m not a monster, no I don’t want to donate to your children’s charity. Like why do I want a woman on a dollar anyway, it’s not like amen is going to look down on it and be like oh right I’m going to start respecting these. I’m sorry stripper I can’t give this to you, I mean mrs. stripper. 

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John Mulaney – Kid Gorgeous at Radio City

2020-05-02 14_42_38-John Mulaney - Kid Gorgeous at Radio City - Google Docs

This is John Mulaney’s newest stand up special. Does Mulaney even do stand up any more? It would be terrible if he didn’t, he was always the best. But even before Covid19, the only ever time I’d see him do a show was when he was canceling his Toronto shows. His light touch with flamboyant expressions would be a blow to stand up comedy if it were gone. This special has Mulaney returning to themes of childhood, while also tackling new arenas, like politics.

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A Taxi Driver

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(Korean: 택시운전사; Hanja: 택시運轉士; RR: Taeksi Unjeonsa)

This is a great South Korean movie from 2017. It is a very tight and watchable movie that clearly delivers on a political story. It starts with showing us the day of a poor Seaule taxi driver, and when he gets home we see that he’s behind on rent, and his daughter has punched the landlord’s son. So his life isn’t great. The next day, he is hanging out with the other taxi driver and overhears another table bragging about a large gig they have for the day. Our taxi driver goes to the place where a bragging taxi driver said he was to meet his client and steals the client. The client is going to another South Korean city a few hours away, but when they get close to the city it’s blocked off by the military. They then try to take the backroads but those are also blocked off. They convince the military to let them through by saying that the client, a german foreigner, is an important business man. When they get to the city, they find a group of student protestors, and the german journalist takes a camera and reveals that he’s a journalist. The story is of the journalist trying to the world of the protests in South Korea.

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Laurie Kilmartin – 45 Jokes about my dead dad


In Bo Burnham’s special Make Happy there is a part near the end where he talks about his anxiety, and how hard it can be to put on a happy face and perform stand up comedy. I thought this was more telling than expressing of his anxiety and how difficult it can be to be a performer going through something in their personal life. It was articulate, but it also felt didactic rather than revelator. In Laurie Kilmartin’s album 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad, she takes us through the experience, the step by step, of experiencing her dad’s death. Here it is taken to an extreme so the idea is lost to the experience of really going through her dad’s death with her.

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