Tig Notaro – Drawn

Tig Notaro – Drawn

Shrek retold takes the classic story of Shrek, and gives it to dozens of people to animate, and reenact. Each entity takes a piece of the story, sometimes as short as a few seconds, sometimes as long as a whole scene. It’s a crazy experience that you have to try for yourself. I loved Shrek Retold. It is one of my favorite movies ever. It added so much to the story of Shrek, the bombastic nature of changing animation styles. 

There was a joke about Jenny Slate trying to get a coffee with Tig, and failing to, because each time she tried to contact Tig, Tig was undergoing exceedingly bad situations. This is an interesting thing, because it is a different version of the story we hear from the classic live set. It’s one that further away, the funny isn’t a moment like the “hello, I have cancer is’ ‘ now it’s moved on to tragedy with time. And it’s less pressing. I think one thing about that Hello I have cancer bit, that doesn’t get talked about is how it plays into Tig’s established character. Is she just fucking with you, is a thought and idea that an audience member who would have known Tig, and the other comics watching would aren’t her best friends, would have connected with. 

I just wish it was more chaotic. The comedy itself has an element of embracing chaos. There is a moment when a spider is on stage and Notaro talks about it. She also has moments of audience interaction. Both of these moments work very well with being animated, but why not just animate it in a consistent way?

The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa

The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa

The friend of Ringo Ishikawa is a slow moving quiet game that I fell in love with. My boyfriend calls it pixel Yakuza. That’s not totally off, but it doesn’t quite do it justice. There are none of the jokes of a yakuza game. But there are impactful moments and messages, it feels more like a novel than other games. 

The Friends of Ringo Ishikwa starts with you on a train and you’re fighting a bunch of dudes, and eventually you get knocked out and you wake up in your home. Then your teacher calls you into their classroom and tells you to straighten up your act, and that you’re a good kid.  The game doesn’t tell you anything. It doesn’t tell you that you can get a scholarship or how to get a job, you are just unleashed on the world. I love this. I missed things, and there were things I didn’t catch until late in the game. But that’s okay, that’s how things are sometimes. 

The soundtrack is great, and is used wonderfully. It adds a sense of maturity to the game. It makes it feel like high school. My favorite track is called Mr. Boogers and is played in a Macdonalds like area where I bought most of my food. There are other great tracks, but that one in particular has become the song I’m listening to consistently. I wish the special edition had a soundtrack, cause then I’d pay a pretty penny. 

My favorite part of the game is having your character read books. There are about a dozen books you can buy, each classic literature. Then you can go to the library and read self help books. I Didn’t discover the library until late in the game. One of the books in the library will give you speed reading so you can read many more books. I read all the books in the game on my first playthrough. 

You have to make money so that you can buy something to eat. I got a job at a video store, which meant that I was skipping class. I didn’t realize that you could get a scholarship on the first floor by talking to a teacher, until late in the game. So I just worked at the movie store, which only really paid just enough for me to have enough to eat. 

When the game ended, and it had a great ending, I was sad. Not just because of the actual ending, which was perfect, but because I had just saved up enough to buy a tv and vhs combo. I had been working towards this for the entire game, and I had finally reached the mark. 

Everything in the game did such a great job at making you role play as Ringo. There are small details like how you can light up a cigarette, which is small, but has great animation and says so much about Ringo’s personality. Everything you can make Ringo do, how he does it, says so much about him. How he slumps at his job at the video store, how he seems detached but chill about his friend’s theatre performance, the jokes his friends make to him. Ringo is a good kid, but he’s in a place that makes it hard for him to see a way out.

Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Can we focus

Ladies and gentlemen, Michelle wolf! Thank you, thank you. Wow. Boy. what a time to be alive, huh. I probably don’t need to say this but  should just let everyone know I am feminist, yeah one person that’s all, that’s about average. Oh, feminism is very unpopular, I should also point out I’m not I’m not like a buy my own drinks feminist. We all have our line and mine is at the bar. In want equal pay and a chadra. Well then just the chardonnay. I do think as feminist we’re fighting for too many things right now. There are some feminist that are like we want to get paid the same and then there are some feminist that are like we want to free the nipple on instagram. It’s like hey can we focus, I know she’s more fun can we focus. It’s like during the revolutionary war some of them were like we want to be independent and others were like we want to free the nipple on instagram. Maybe England should stay in charge of you, you should like you’d be easily irrentestoin. Just like logically we focus our attention and power on one thing, so personally I think we should go after equal rights but if someone made a vote and we went nipple then fine, I’m a team player I’ll go nipple. It’s just hard for me that it’s was a woman’s idea, sound sliek a man infiltrated a meeting and was like we gotta get these nipples on instagram, did you hear we can’t, it’s not fair, we’re women, you know men my main concern is the woman. That’s why I call them the woman. And the whole debate is that men are aloud to have their nipples on instagram and women aren’t.. Here’s an easier solution, just get male nipples off of instagram. I’ve never seen a male’s nipples and been like, oh now my day is better. Boy do i love looking at those useless skin tags. We gotta focus, we got to focus on what we’re fighting for, we can’t stop and look at shiny objects. We can’t campaign about whose on money. Like I mostly use a credit card and there is a picture of a cat on it, and I picked it because I’m the person you think I am. There were a ton of options and I was like a cat and then I saw there was another cat option and I was like I gotta open another account. I’m not a monster, no I don’t want to donate to your children’s charity. Like why do I want a woman on a dollar anyway, it’s not like amen is going to look down on it and be like oh right I’m going to start respecting these. I’m sorry stripper I can’t give this to you, I mean mrs. stripper. 

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Stand Up albums from Louisville

Stand Up albums from Louisville

Sean Smith – You Don’t look funny

Patrick Passifume – Keep being Honest

Dan Alten – Fall 2017

Danny Browning – Happy Go Lucky

Tim Northern

  Tim Northern Does Animals

Tim Nothern’s First

Time Northern Second

Raanan Hershberg

Raana Hershberg – Downhill Ever Since

Raana Hershberg – Self-Helplessness

Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams https://youtu.be/YAda4xsGKjM

Danny Browning – Happy Go Lucky

Emmy Blotnick – Party Nights

Emmy Blotnick – Party Nights

Self Potato

Ladies and gentlemen, Emmy Blotnick. We’re doing it. We’re doing it. Yes. Do you guys want to hear about my favorite wheel of fortune clips of the puzzle is mostly solved, most of the letters are there you can tell the answer is self portrait, and this lady buzzes in and goes “Oh self potato’ right away. The guy next to her is like lady itself protect and she’s like oh no, and it’s so good, because self potato means nothing, means nothing at all, but I love it so much I want it to mean something., You all know what a couch potato is a self potato is when you don’t need it the couch for that to be who you are. Just taking the couch potato mentality to go, cause you don’t need a couch if you got you. I don’t know if that lady knew when she got that puzzle wrong that she was going to give a snake for my lifestyle. I am a self potato through and through. It’s basically high function depression yeah I think we’re on the same page. Earlier tonight I spent about two hours in a wet towel. That is a classic self potatoes movie, you guys ever do, ever stay in a wet towel until it’s bad, it starts good, oh this is great and then you’re not happy anymore. Like to take that train to the last stop. I used to be more of a party person. I used to go out and get drunk, stay out late and have party nights, you know it’s not true no one calls them party nights. Blowing my cover. 

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Top Ten Comedy Specials/Albums of 2019

Top Ten Comedy Specials/Albums of 2019

  1. Michelle Wolf – Joke Show

Michelle Wolf shows off her ability to send non stop punchlines in this new special. SHe has weaponized her high pitched voice to heighten her joke delivery so that she can perform with pinpoint precision. This special shows that Wolf can not only bounce back from her failed Netflix show “The Break ” but do with such vigor to land on top.This special is stand up at its most refined.  

  1. Jeff Garlin – Our man in Chicago

Jeff Garlin is old school, but shows off his comfort and experience on stage with ease. While many comics don’t believe it, Garlin states that he never goes on stage with a set list. After watching this special I can believe that. Traditionally the role of a stand up special is as an advertisement to go see a comic. This does just that. I watch this special and feel that any show of Garlin’s I would go to would be an interesting, fun night, unique to that room. 

  1. Daniel Van Kirk – Thanks Diana

Daniel Van Kirk releases his first album and his ground running. He went on a great tour, alongside Andrew Youngblood, and was able to generate enormous positive and collective energy in the room. 

  1. Lil Rel Howery – Live from Crenshaw

This special is beautiful. It looks distinct from any other special I’ve seen, with its use of natural lighting, and setting it  a school gym. Howery jokes about his uncle’s funeral at length, going in wild unexpected and always honest directions. This special takes risks in a way no other on this list does and they pay off. 

  1. Deon Cole – Cole Hearted
  1. Caitlin Gill – Major

I had not heard of Caitlin Gill before listening to this album, and that is a travestly, especially as a lesbian myself. This album has him presenting wacky, out there and overwhelmingly unique jokes. Gill is loud and takes up space. 

  1. Josh Gondelman – Dancing on a weeknight

This album was tons of fun, and everything Josh Gondelman puts out is great. Especially the track “I also do Micheal Jackson.” Josh Gondelman brings a sense of relatability, with his down to earth nature, and silly nature. He feels like everyone’s friend. 

  1. John Mulaney – The Sack Lunch bunch

Different from standing up, this is an after school special. John Mulaney brings his strong voice and highlights his ability to work clean and family friendly while also being engagingly silly and a little high brow. 

  1. Sean patton – Scuttlebutt

There are some great tracks on this album, and Patton brings his trademark energy and command of a room to this album. There are two stand out tracks, that are longer stories that give Patton space to play with darker emotions.  Definitely worth checking out. 

  1. Gary Gulman – The Great Depresh

Gary Gulman was an amazing source for comedy tips this year. He used his twitter to send out a stand up tip every day. For me, it was very helpful, but more than that it was inspiring. 

The Great Depresh is very funny, and packs a lot of jokes, but more than that it discusses something I know so many stand up struggles with, depression. Gulman is candid in a way we haven’t seen him before. He understands what stand up can do, and knows how to craft a joke that can get the most laughs, but this isn’t about that. It’s funny, but it’s also revealing, honest and powerful. It intercuts his stand up with documentary film footage, mostly of him in his apartment with his wife. This adds a great sense of intimacy, and works quite well on the filmed stand up special. 

My Favorite Games of 2020

My Favorite Games of 2020

10.  Assemble with care

A steam game that is pretty quick to play. It’s from the developers of Monument Valley. You go around fixing things in village. The game play is good and there is a nice story.

9. Super Mario 3D Allstars

A lot of people complained about this game because of it’s lack of extras, but I am super glad to be able to play these three games on the switch. That is enough for me. I’ve finished Mario 64, and Galaxy so far, and just started Sunshine.

8 Spider Man Miles

I didn’t love this as much as Kotaku and Polygon did, but I did like it. It just feels like a lot less than the first Spiderman game. But it is a lot of fun. I just wish I didn’t pay full price for a game I can beat in a day. 

7 Final Fantasy 7 remake

This would have been much higher if it weren’t for the wack ending. The ending was nonsense. But I really enjoyed the first ¾ of the game. 

6  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Mah favorite call of duty now looks shinier. 

5. Pikmin 3 Deluxe

This game is so cute. All of the sound effects and the small little details are cute. The little noises the pikmin make is enough to get to this part of the list. 

4 Animal Crossing New Horizon

I own my home, but my animal crossing home is better. 

3 Like a Dragon

People are sleeping on this, but this is great. It’s just so funny, and the hilarious antics have been incorporated into a more direct way into the fighting. I love that it’s turn-based. 

2 Tony Hawk Pro Skater

I played this game more than any other this year. I hadn’t played the tony hawk games as a kid, but I do skate. I am bad and I can’t do anything cool. This game has such a wild freedom to it. It’s just enjoyment. 

1 The Last of Us 2

People be crazy. I personally loved this game. It was super intense, but I really liked Abbey and connected with her in a way that I do think I’ve ever connected with a story before. Joel is fine, but honestly I didn’t care about him. I thought this story was daring and wildly interesting. I know there are a lot of dudes bros who hated Abbey. But that was the point. 

Chad Daniels – You’re the Best

Chad Daniels – You’re the Best

Food Court

Ladies and gentlemen Chad Daniels! Hello! How are you? Great. I was in the Detroit international airport, and Detroit should not have an international airport, Detroit should not be the first palace someone sees when they come to America. You get off your plane like that was the trickiest hijacking of all time. I get off the plane this guy goes, you know where the food court is? I go no, he goes lot of fucking help you are. And then he walked away. I just got off the paper plane from another place on the earth, sorry I can’t help you find where the food court is. Also, even if I live in Detroit, I probably don’t know where the food court is. Hey chad, where you going to lunch today, well as you know we work downtown and airports are strategic located to be on the outskirts of cities, i do have some vacation time coming, I’m probably gonna hop out of here, two two and half hours early, drive down to the airport, pay for parking get the cheapest boarding pass, hop in line for the tram, hop in line for the security which i was already in once because i thought it was the security line. Then the panda expresses. It’s only a 60 percent markup. Get your stuff we’re going to the airport. Found the food court by myself, you wanna know how, I’m an adult. I checked one of the thousands of maps provided by the airport, and then found the food court sticker , and then found the you are here sticker, and lined my body up appropriately and started walking. I found signs and everything. Used to call five senses like a compass, like man vs wild airport edition. When I got to the food court I ordered a hamburger and it had a pickle on it, and this other gentleman said why didn’t you order it without the pickle. Who are you people? Why are you so concerned with my goings on at the airport, and then he went? I want a hamburger without the pickle. I just ordered it without the pickle. Well you’re the best. Didn’t you get your letter you won life. Then he pulled this old standard on me, well there are homeless people, yeah but at the airport. Are they off jet setting to their other not home, is that what happening. Let’s get something straight if someone says they’re hungry and you give that person a pickle, you are an asshole. What?  Because pickles are salty, and now that person is thirsty. Do you have anything to wash down that pickle? Yeah I do, some soy sauce, red cap full sodium. 

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Beth Stelling – Sweet Beth

Beth Stelling – Sweet Beth

Intro from Usuf Ali

She is fucking hilarious she’s from LA, so give her a lot of love, she’s in fucking Cleveland when she could be LA, so start clapping for Beth Stelling. Get my shit out here. Now that you’ve stopped clapping just one more time for yourself. So good to be here. 

Chicago Smash and Grab

So I started to stand up in Chicago and I went back for the first time just about a month ago. And I was welcomed back into the city, just after a year by having all my jokes stolen. Literally. We got back to the car after having just parked it and this neighborhood of Chicago and my boyfriend’s car had been cashed in, and the only thing they took was a backpack. Yeah I’m a 30 year old woman who still has a backpack as a purse. So that was chock full of jokes and lists, and things I collected over the last three years for my album. So I called the Chicago police and informed them i told them that i had a backpack full of gold stolen, and when we got there I did have to clarify it was in fact a backpack full of comedy gold. Not very patient, not very happy. You’re reporting a backpack full of papers stolen. Yeah well my wallet and phone but mostly the papers. Yeah I’m really concerned about those. Not happy with me. That was like the worst thief. It had to be the most diapason steal of 20212 for him, eh goes back to his lair with my backpack, and he took my 4 dollars in cash, and then he’s like wait a minute, it’s just a bunch of papers of lists with unrelated words on them, and then he takes out a setlist of mind and goes Shaquille O Neal, basement, dad, women are not funny. It is a good thing that I had my boyfriend throw it with me. He could probably win the amazing race. I had him back in Chicago, and we jumped in a dumpster for it, and when the police were questioning us about it, I yelled shut up right in his face. He forgave me, because . Thank you. He took me to TJmax, you guys have that? So we went there to get my reading glasses replaced. I loved going to TJ Max because I would always see three trannys. Especially the Chicago one. And they always look better than me, I’m very jealous of their legs. You’re not going to find transexzual, that’s the full word, at Lemun Marcus or (), buying fitness bags or juicy Cooter, they will be at that TJmaxx, because the man inside of them cannot bring them to pay full price. I appreciate that about them. I really do. 

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The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling

The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling

I did not know who Garry Shandling was before watching the Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. I didn’t watch either of his shows and I hadn’t seen him stand up. Buta four hour long documentary about a stand up comedian, sure I’ll watch that! 

This, like all of Judd Apatow’s movies, is too long. Four hours is unnecessary for this documentary that just basically goes over Shandling’s life. It features a lot of clips of Schandler that you might not have seen before even if you’re a fan of his, specifically a lot of extras from the dvd of the Larry Sanders show. It also has a lot of interviews with comedians that Garry mentored or came up with. Kevin Nealon says a lot in this film. Shandling himself is played by Micheal Cera, which is a little weird. 

For me the great aspects of this documentary are when it goes in depth to the lawsuit Chandelier had with his agent, and when it’s more about stand up as a scene. When Jay Leno talks about what Chandelier was like, it reveals more how little Leno seemed to know about Chandelier, and how they weren’t close, despite physically being in the same comedy clubs. The movie did a great job at showing why Schandliner created the Larry Sanders show. 

The other thing I appreciated was how it showed Schandler’s more neurotic tendencies, and more often abusive tendencies. But it didn’t go very far, and it never went into a lot of detail. There were interviews with writers where they would tell you that Schandler would keep them at their writing job for hours on end, but what did he say to them? There are tons of notes on every little thing, but why can’t we see Schandler actually being a harsh critic of these writers. It just seemed a little tame in it’s showing Schandler as hyper-critical. But it was relatable, as I’ve met comedians that I felt like what was described in the movie. 

The other that I thought the movie failed for me at was the central thesis. It goes back constantly to this moment in Schandlier’s childhood when his brother died and his parents did not tell him. Throughout the documentary we are told why he was motivated to do his shows and become a great stand up comedian. But for me, this highlights the weakness of biography vs autobiography. There are no revelations about this childhood incident, and there is nothing that Schandler says that shows that he’s grown out of that or has made significant progress in growing out of. So each time it comes up,and it’s not resolved, it feels like a waste of time in the documentary, or like a moment of showing Schandler’s weakness– one that’s we;ve been shown before in the movie. In an autobiographical work, just bringing up and reflecting on the innocent would be the progress that a story necessitates for me. 

If you’re into comedy I definitely think it’s worth watching, but as a movie I think it’s bloated. It’s like a timeline, and there are nonfiction works that are exhaustive in nature but still manage to tell a character’s story. Robert Caro’s books gives us a story with exhaustive detail. The Power Broker starts with a story– of Robert Moses quitting his Yale swim team, and this worked on, and the moral and reflection of this story is brought to bear throughout the book. Here we’re given a powerful story without a powerful character analysis, just an exhaustive timeline.