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I don’t write negative review on comics unless I believe that they’re millionaires. This game too small yo

When I was younger, I didn’t like movies. I thought they were all bad, mostly because I had been dragged to a bunch of horror movie sequels (Final Destination 5, Scream 5) and remakes (When a stranger calls remake, The Hills Have Eyes Remake) by my friends in high school. At one point after college, I picked up one of Roger Ebert’s volume of “The Great Movies” and loved his writing, and decided to give watching movies another chance. I think the role of writing reviews and the critic in general is to bring people into an art form. To make cinephiles out of normal people. To make people fall in love with art, by showing them what is great about it.

Stand up doesn’t have a Roger Ebert, or anything like it. I hope that I can bring make more people comedy nerds, by sharing the comedy I love.

The artwork for my logo, was done by @nauticalanchors on instagram, they’re a great artist, so hit em’ up yo

My name is June Dempsey, I am an open micer in louisville. I know how hard comedy is, and I am not trying to bring anyone down. Or say that just because I don’t like a comedy album that means that no one will like a comedy album. But I believe that criticism plays a great role in movies, good criticism makes people excited to watch movies. People watch more movies, care about them deeper and then there can be more movies. Ultimately the goal of writing about comedy is to grow the interest in comedy.

here is a clip of my stand up:

I started posting the comedy transcripts here because I thought others would find they valuable. I know I enjoy lyrics genius and find it useful. If you are a comedian and I’ve transcribed your jokes and you don’t like that– I will take them down just email me.