Colin Quinn – Parking Lot

Colin Quinn – Parking Lot

I haven’t seen any of Colin Quin’s stand up, but i did see him live once at the comedy cellar, and he was the second best that night, right after Michelle wolf, who fucking killed it. This is a special fileded during 2021, and it’s just a drive-in show. Colin quin frames it like he came up with the idea, and was the first to do it. But it’s like, c’mon dude, as soon as covid began comics began trying weird shows to fill the void. I went to one of those weird car shows, it was bad. 

I wne to one of these shows. It was awful. Hannibal Buress and friends came to indianapolis. To a drive through. Me and my friend wnet, we drove all the way up, the best part was just getting to talk to my friend for so long. The actual show was straight stupid, if you ask me. I wasn’t into it. Hannibal got up, did about ten minutes of bad standup that didn’t hit. He didn’t know how to make it hit a car audience. After he did ten minutes, he brought up a comic from Chicago that was not good, and then he brought Dj Marshmello. Dj Marshmellow made me feel like I had wasted my money. During Dj Marshmellow’s set we thought about leaving, but instead we both just went to the bathroom, which took about 20 minutes because it was a parking lot show. I do want ot say I think Hannibal is fucking great and one of the best comics in the game. This wasn’t a good show for him, he was obviously rusty and 

This special was also bad. Of course there was nothing as bad as the Hannibal Buress show. Because I had to wait in line for that. But Colin Quinn’s park lot special was bad because all of the comics were talking about how bad it was, and it wasn’t focused on the comedy. Itw as focused on the cattiness of the comics int he back,a nd their dumb antics. This was treated like a podcast. Apparently Quinn asked the comics to do new material, so it’s like… why would I want to see that? I hope we never have to try to do parking lot shows for people in their cars again.

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