Tig Notaro – Drawn

Tig Notaro – Drawn

Shrek retold takes the classic story of Shrek, and gives it to dozens of people to animate, and reenact. Each entity takes a piece of the story, sometimes as short as a few seconds, sometimes as long as a whole scene. It’s a crazy experience that you have to try for yourself. I loved Shrek Retold. It is one of my favorite movies ever. It added so much to the story of Shrek, the bombastic nature of changing animation styles. 

There was a joke about Jenny Slate trying to get a coffee with Tig, and failing to, because each time she tried to contact Tig, Tig was undergoing exceedingly bad situations. This is an interesting thing, because it is a different version of the story we hear from the classic live set. It’s one that further away, the funny isn’t a moment like the “hello, I have cancer is’ ‘ now it’s moved on to tragedy with time. And it’s less pressing. I think one thing about that Hello I have cancer bit, that doesn’t get talked about is how it plays into Tig’s established character. Is she just fucking with you, is a thought and idea that an audience member who would have known Tig, and the other comics watching would aren’t her best friends, would have connected with. 

I just wish it was more chaotic. The comedy itself has an element of embracing chaos. There is a moment when a spider is on stage and Notaro talks about it. She also has moments of audience interaction. Both of these moments work very well with being animated, but why not just animate it in a consistent way?

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