My Favorite Games of 2020

My Favorite Games of 2020

10.  Assemble with care

A steam game that is pretty quick to play. It’s from the developers of Monument Valley. You go around fixing things in village. The game play is good and there is a nice story.

9. Super Mario 3D Allstars

A lot of people complained about this game because of it’s lack of extras, but I am super glad to be able to play these three games on the switch. That is enough for me. I’ve finished Mario 64, and Galaxy so far, and just started Sunshine.

8 Spider Man Miles

I didn’t love this as much as Kotaku and Polygon did, but I did like it. It just feels like a lot less than the first Spiderman game. But it is a lot of fun. I just wish I didn’t pay full price for a game I can beat in a day. 

7 Final Fantasy 7 remake

This would have been much higher if it weren’t for the wack ending. The ending was nonsense. But I really enjoyed the first ¾ of the game. 

6  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Mah favorite call of duty now looks shinier. 

5. Pikmin 3 Deluxe

This game is so cute. All of the sound effects and the small little details are cute. The little noises the pikmin make is enough to get to this part of the list. 

4 Animal Crossing New Horizon

I own my home, but my animal crossing home is better. 

3 Like a Dragon

People are sleeping on this, but this is great. It’s just so funny, and the hilarious antics have been incorporated into a more direct way into the fighting. I love that it’s turn-based. 

2 Tony Hawk Pro Skater

I played this game more than any other this year. I hadn’t played the tony hawk games as a kid, but I do skate. I am bad and I can’t do anything cool. This game has such a wild freedom to it. It’s just enjoyment. 

1 The Last of Us 2

People be crazy. I personally loved this game. It was super intense, but I really liked Abbey and connected with her in a way that I do think I’ve ever connected with a story before. Joel is fine, but honestly I didn’t care about him. I thought this story was daring and wildly interesting. I know there are a lot of dudes bros who hated Abbey. But that was the point. 

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