Katt Williams – Pimp Chronicles Vol. 1

Katt Williams – Pimp Chronicles Vol. 1

Katt Williams is crazy. You look him up today and what you’ll get is that he just slapped a Target employee. That’s wild. I mean it’s not Tracey Morgan crazy, but still. My girlfriend and I watched the Pimp Chronicles Vol. 1 the other night, and even though it’s from 2006,  it holds up. Williams’ energy on stage is impressive. His jokes are entertaining, but have substance behind them. 

Pimp Chronicles is one of his earlier stand up specials. One of the most striking things about Williams is his hair. In every special, he does it in a new wild way. Besides his hair, ten minutes into the special and the most striking thing about Williams is how much sweat is on his face. Williams is constantly moving during his shows, and his physicality brings a huge amount of depth to his jokes. During one scene, he falls to the ground and slaps the stool for effect. In another joke, he slumps on the ground, falling onto the stool. In another joke, the stool becomes a child that a woman is beating in a grocery stool. It’s wildly inventive. 

WIlliams’ performance is not the only amazing part of this special — the writing is also precise. “I know a lot of comics come on stage and say you need to beat your kids, but as a father, let me just say publicly: maybe we should stop beating our kids… publicly. We are tired of going to the grocery store to see you beat your motherfucking babies. That is a toddler, your baby is supposed to like Skittles!” Williams is able to take the relatively heavy topic of beating children and bring a lightness to it that you don’t see in many other comics. He’s able to point at an actual issue without making it heavy. 

It’s unsurprising that Williams rose so high so quickly. The surprising thing about Katt Williams, to me, is that we don’t list him frequently with the greats. He uses every trick there is in stand up. He has wordplay in his jokes he’s telling through a character. 

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