Dane Cook – Retaliation

Dane Cook – Retaliation

Before I say anything else, let’s talk about how this album is almost two hours long. His second joke is called “Struck by a Vehicle,” and people have said that Dane Cook steals parts of this joke from Louis CK. This was before Louis CK was as famous as he was when he pulled his dick out. Don’t you love comedy? Like, Louis CK becomes the next biggest comic after Dane Cook, and then he claims Cook stole his jokes, which is a big part of Cook’s downfall. Then CK’s downfall is pulling his dick out? Honestly, I’d rather steal jokes. But also, this album is close to 2 hours long. Why would he have to steal jokes when his album is already way too long? The jokes are very similar, though. Here is comedy genius and overall great dude Joe Rogan explaining the feud and playing the jokes back to back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKaq5vL2TrY 

Cook starts with a bit where he compares the crowd to dating. It’s interesting. It’s very upfront, and one of the most direct breakdowns of comedy possible. I think this upfrontness is necessary, because most of his audience is unfamiliar with comedy. For one thing, they don’t know comedy enough that they’d see this as too on-the-nose. Secondly, that introduction part is delicate, because they don’t know what to expect if they’ve been to a live comedy event before. Aside from the jokes, there are a few things that immediately stand out, and the first is the audio quality. He sounds far away. There is almost an echo to the recording. Also, the album cover is Cook with a sword. It looks like a Nickelback album cover. 

Once again, this album is too long. There is too much to talk about in terms of individual jokes. Throughout the album, Cook uses loud noises to prove points and highlight story moments. There are callbacks to jokes that he did on the previous album. He mentions that he was at the BK lounge, then goes on to do one of the most forgettable jokes on the album. There are two things about this joke. One is that he deals with a heckler, and even just listening to the album, it’s really tense. Dane Cook really reprimands the guy without doing it in a very funny way. The other weird thing about the jokes is how he says sandwich. No one seems to be laughing at this, but he says it like sangwich. I don’t know why he does this or if it’s a Burger King thing, it’s just weird. At the end of this joke, he ends his set, but then the album keeps going. 

On this album more than the last, Cook is more sexual. He casually mentions getting blowjobs in jokes, or talks about dating. These topics didn’t come up on his previous album. His last album was loud and silly; this one is more loud and sexual. The silly jokes that came from his life experiences are the ones that people remember the best.

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