Nate Bargatze – The Greatest Average American

Nate Bargatze – The Greatest Average American

Nate Bargatze filmed a special during COVID. I’ve been a little bit surprised at how fast Bargatze has been able to turn over specials — about every two years. Right now he’s on tour with all-new material. The Greatest Average American was filmed outside, and people were socially distanced. 

He hits topics like having to help his daughter learn Common Core math. I think this joke starts in a pretty banal place, where he talks about how he doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to teach his third-grade daughter. But then he goes on about Youtube, and how weird it is that children are able to make a ton of money on there. It’s something I haven’t heard a comic like him talk about. 

This doesn’t come off as the tightest special of Bargatze’s, but it’s unique for him in that there is more energy to it. He comments on the crowd and on things that are happening in the moment more freely than I’ve seen him before. When a helicopter flies overhead, he comments on it. 

This special feels like a holdover — something for Netflix to put out while there is not much new standup happening. It’s a little strange though, seeing that there are specials they wouldn’t buy this year like the Mark Normand and Joe List Youtube specials. But this special is good and appeals to a broader age range than those dudes.

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