Devil May Cry 5

This game is balls to the wall, batshit insane from start to finish. But also, I don’t remember much of what was actually insane about it. I’m sure it was crazy when I played it, but I don’t remember. It did not stick with me. It has that quality of a game where it just passes through me without leaving anything behind. That is to say, Devil May Cry 5 is not a game you will be purchasing at a Things Remembered mall shop. Nor will you purchase any other game there, though, as they are an engraving store. 

There are three characters you get to play as. The one you start with is Nero. He’s your basic bitch; he does what a main character in a video game is supposed to do. Compared to the character you get later on, he feels particularly banal. V is my favorite character to play as, and he feels the most unique to this game. He controls a tiger looking thing, a hawk and a giant stone looking thing. Playing as him was a more unique experience, as I can’t summon a bird in games like The Last of Us 2 or Final Fantasy 7 Remastered. This is why I gave those games negative reviews. Here on my blog, we all know that I’m an intense bird lover, and the only way to receive a 5 star rating is by including heavy bird content. 

The pacing of the game is perfect. It’s broken down into about 25 chapters that range from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. As a person with a) a minimal attention span and b) a knack for putting games down for months on end only to pick them up later and expect to be able to know what is going on, this game is perfect. 

The combat is complex and fun. The interchanging between weapons makes it feel like there is always something new to do in the moment-to-moment gameplay. I am not the type of person who likes to master gameplay, which I believe these ‘character action’ games are meant for. But even so, the inclusion of a bird in combat was enough. It is enough. Just include more birds in your game and then you will be a millionaire, that is what I say to the game developers.

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