Patton Oswalt – Feelin’ Kinda Patton

Dude what the fuck, Patton Oswalt was lowkey (highkey?) kind of shitty? This is why you gotta go back and listen to these old albums. If I were him, I wouldn’t have this up on Google Play for just anyone to listen to. It’s not the worst possible material, but it’s also the kind of stuff where it feels like his public image today is entirely crafted. He uses the word “retarded” a lot in this album. This might not be a big deal, but because Patton Oswalt is a person who holds himself up as one of these social justice know-it-alls, it’s like c’mon You were the guy using the word retarded on your albums years ago, now you’re part of the Twitter mob? C’mon. 

Besides the social point, I just don’t think that Patton Oswalt is that funny. He’s the perfect voice for the rat in Ratatouille, but his jokes aren’t the most interesting. “If you kick a midget in the balls, he turns into eight squirrels.” I don’t think there is much to these kinds of jokes besides  imaginary hitting. A lot of his jokes come down to making loud, silly noises. He ends one joke with a fart noise. 

None of the jokes on this album stay with me for very long because there isn’t much new or unique in what he’s saying. Being retarded is funny — haven’t heard that one since middle school. We’re spending too much on the war in Iraq — haven’t heard that since middle school either. It was released in 2004, but even for that time he wasn’t saying anything new. Oswalt is an everyman’s  man. He’s easy to listen to and doesn’t really challenge the average older white Democrat’s point of view.

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