Lucas Brothers: On Drugs

The Lucas Brothers are identical twins who live in Brooklyn. They previously made an animated show together called “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.” This is their first Netflix special.  

The special starts with a clip of Richard Nixon launching an offensive on drugs. Then we see the brothers light up a joint and go to start their show. They walk up pretty slowly, and on stage where there are cardboard cutouts of Richard Nixon. The background of the stage is a repeating background of Nixon in blue-tints. The setup is a lot. I often found myself staring into the eyes of Richard Nixon while listening to the jokes. There are some little touches on this theme as well — each of them has buttons supporting anti-Nixon causes. 

The twin dynamic brings a lot to their comedy. A punchline can pack so much more punch when one of the twins gives a quick “yep” or “okay” right after the other delivers the punchline. It also lets them tell jokes through conversation. “Did that joke work?” “No, let’s update the punchline.” In another joke, one brother stares at the ceiling trying to think up a punchline until the other asks, “What’s up, man?” But their personalities are similar, so it’s a conversation about building, not really about disagreeing. 

Most of my favorite jokes they tell start from a small story. They talk about how their drug dealer is a feminist and made them watch a WNBA game. I love these jokes because they’re so unexpected and are such a weird intersection of things. Just in this one joke, they’re talking about drugs, basketball, feminism, and an annoying dude. 

With all their jokes about drugs and their different delivery style, they come off as very alt. They’re also low-energy. Some of their biggest moments on stage are in relation to each other. When the special starts, one of the twins walks in a circle around the other twin. There are moments where a twin will ‘toss’ a joke to the other twin. I’ve never seen anything like these twins. I think everyone should watch this special just to get a feel for what these two can do on stage. It’s interesting to see how stand up is different when two people are acting as one. 

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