Bert Kreischer – Hey Big Boy

Bert Kreischer – Hey Big Boy

Bert Kreischer, a big bubbling man I heard about in the way that one should hear about Bert Kreischer, from an annoying drunk man in front of a bar. “He’s the funniest comic!” this drunk man told after he saw that I had signed up for an open mic. “He takes his shirt off” It was with these words that I began to suspect that Bert Kreischer was not for me. Which is a little judgmental. 

This special opens with a joke that Kristerner tells “went in a gender neutral bathroom the other day” and goes on to titter a line about the politics of these. A joke that liberal, a not uptight liberal, should be able to enjoy, but that a maga enthused would and did cheer for. Additionally during this short joke, the camera goes out of focus at least twice. Less than ten minutes into the special and this is a running theme. 

Kristener takes his shirt off in the first instant of hte special. This is nice. I like watching this man’s belly move on stage. I like seeing his little gold cross between his two nipples. I am distracted by how nice his pants are. They don’t fit a man who has no shirt on. The stage is blue, and very simple. It fits the shirtless man. It lets me focus on the amount of chest hair he’s showing. 

I imagine being a good Bert Kristcher show is like being at an Insane Clown Posy show in the 90’s. This crowd is not what I imagine a good crowd is. For me at least. And what I want to do on a weekend or even a rowdy New Year’s eve party.

This special has everything you’d expect from a Bert Kreischer special. Obvious jokes that you’ve heard before, told by a very charming shirtless fat man. If you like him, you like him. I’m not judging, but no one else could tell those jokes and make people laugh. So much of the charm is just in the lack of the shirt. It’s not in, “I love my wife, wish I didn’t” level writing.

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