Animal Crossing: January Review

Animal Crossing: January Review

  1. We all love animal crossing, and it hit at the perfect moment. This was like no Animal Crossing before. Everyone was playing it post about it on Facebook and twitter. When New Leaf was out, there were a ton of people with 3DS, and I was in college, so there was that level of just being able to talk to someone and play new Leaf. I loved that. But it is even easier to just jump into someone’s island now. 
  1. There is a drunk pelican. He washes up on your island, mid black out and you shake him awake. 
  2. There is a ghost who is afraid of other ghosts. I get it man. You are the opposite of a cannibals’. He will split into various parts and you go and collect him, then he gives a very difficult choice. A new item, or an expensive item. Here is a hint, if you are new in the game then you can get an expensive item and it will most likely be new. 
  3. Animal Crossing recently added diving. I like that they’re adding things months apart. People who play animal crossing very quickly, are complaining because they say there is not that much to do. 
  4. Isabelle is cute and I love her. I wish she had more lines, and I wish she walked around the island, but that is not her job. 
  5. There is so much creativity and personality that you can put into your island. But it takes a lot of grinding, so I have to find a way to love making bells. 
  6. Turnips, I always wake up on Sunday and do anything that does not play animal crossing and miss out on the stalk market. It makes me nervous, it makes me feel unprepared for the actual stock market that I will be trusted in when I become an adult. As all of us who are American middle class white people will be. 
  7. The owl and his museum. I am having a hard time acquiring any art, which makes me sad, because I love art. The museum is downright dope. Walking around it feels great. The owl will tell you about the things you donate and give little talk about the bugs and fish and things. I love this. 
  8. Part of the greatness of this is how many people were playing it at once. There was this critical mass of people that were playing and making memes, and animal crossing was everywhere. 
  9. There are some fucking lame ass villagers though. I got this fucking German bear thing with a monocle. I hate him. I want him to leave. I’ve been thinking about buying an animal crossing cards just to force him out. 
  10. I have some close friends that play these games. Things they like more than I like in the game, are going fast. They both beat the game in weeks. I believe, for myself, that animal crossing is best played slowly. But whatever, maybe I’m just a bad gamer. Anyway, they like to dress their characters up more, and they like to interact with their villagers with expressions, and they like to mark their trees with emblems letting you know what fruit they are. I hate the last thing. I like making my character look as weird as possible and not touching their outfit for weeks. I am too lazy for expressions. 
  11. I have not gotten KK yet. I am writing this review, months after the release of the game, without having finished the game. I am a fool. I am a liar. I am a bad game reviewer. I am the reason that Videogamedunky made that video about game reviewers. I will review animal crossing again in a few months. We haven’t even reached the winter yet. 
  12. I am returning to writing this. It is now winter in Animal Crossing. I can make a snowman. 
  13. The game is still good. I have been playing it every day. I no longer have any use whatsoever for nook miles. 
  14. I want there to be more ways to get more items, without going to other people’s islands. 
  15. I have an entire house and am saving up to pay off the final loan. It doesn’t matter though, I mean why would I pay off the house if there is not more house to build. The answer is that I am listening to Dave Ramsey more often and I know about how to manage debt. 
  16. I totally missed toy day. I had no idea that you had to keep the ornaments for it. That was probably me being stupid, but whatever. 
  17. I really like my villagers. I have some great villagers, and it makes me sad, even if I didn’t initially really like a villager to say that it is okay if they leave. But there are some villagers that I will never let leave. 
  18. I was really motivated by KK coming to my island. Now that I have him, one it’s great to see him around sometimes, two i want another goal. 
  19. I have started customizing things on my island. It’s a big goal, and it’s a ton of work, but it’s nice because I can chip away on it everyday.

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