Untitled Goose Game Multiplayer

Untitled Goose Game Multiplayer\

I played the Untitled Goose game on my own last year, and wrote about it here. But I have played it a second time, this time with my girlfriend. Now I don’t like games where the main point of the game is how bad it is. For example, the game about the goat, additionally the game where the dad is a squid or an octopus. 

But the Goose game is different. Where it is difficult to play as the goat or as an Octodad, it is easy to control the goose. Mario is fun to control. Goose can’t do as much as Mario, but there is a lot to interact with, and that in of itself is often where the most fun comes from. 

But the game is still short. Which is a little bit nice for a couch co-op game. It’s hard for two people to have enough attention span to actually beat a game together that would be longer than this. For me, I’m glad they added the co-op because it effectively made the game twice as long. 

This game functions as a stealth game. You have to sneak around the humans on the map and either steal their stuff or move it to somewhere stupid. Put the rake in the lake, but if you move the rake and the human gardener sees you, then he will bring the rake back. So you have to distract the human. This is great with another person, because that person can just honk at the gardener and you can go off and steal the rake. The only problem is that there is only so much screen space. If you go too far from the other goose then you won’t be able to move. This requires some kind of discussion between you and the other player. I found that the person I was playing with would never notice on their own when they were preventing me from moving. 

There are two list of goals. One the open one, that tells you what to do and a hidden list. I think the hidden list adds so much whimsy to the game. When you unlock one of these and see it pop up on the screen, it feels so silly, and reveals what you just did as something that is joke worthy. Something that if you were asked to do, it would be obviously silly. 

Additionally, you can honk. Honking with a friend just is so stupid. Honk, and then your friend honks. That is almost enough of a reason to play this game.

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