The Eight Hundred

This is the best chinese propaganda movie I have seen. It’s also the only chinese propaganda movie I have seen, though more seem to be making it to american theatres. Not Leap though, which the Tinseltown movie theatre said it would have, but it doesn’t look like there are any showings. I want to watch chinese propaganda that involves basketball. Why is this so difficult? 

The 800 was pretty good though. I get to theatres with my friend. We’re sitting there, and like all movies we’ve seen in 2020, we just hope that it’s better than the assistant. ANd let me tell you people reading my blog, it is better than the assistant. That’s right, this chinese propaganda movie is better than all feminism. 

This movie was not meant for an american audience, I know that because it is in chinese. But also because even upon finishing this, I am unclear of how this fits into World War 2. I watch this and I ask myself, where is the call of duty level based on this! It’s hard to place where exactly it is. The opening of the movie helps. It combines elements of documentary with the establishing of the setting. The credits take about half an hour to get through though, so I thought the entire movie was going to be this mix between documentary and dramatic reaction. 

Everything outside of that, it is a good movie. It has pacing issues, and you don’t really learn much, but it looks pretty good. It’s interesting, because it doesn’t feel like a hollywood movie, but it also doesn’t feel like a ‘creative’ movie like an A24 pictures would. This movie has a dark and gritty feel, but then in the middle there’s this moment with a horse. And it looks like a bad kind of chinese movie. Where special effects look like they’re in the 2020’s but were inspired by the 90’s. Like those special effects dude have seen that animated spirit movie, but they’re making this in photoshop or whatever. 

I don’t know, everyday I open facebook, and I see some wild idea that a friend that I know posts. And then I open my second, fake facebook profile and just see endless Russia bots posts. It’s crazy, and if there is a person out there who is angry about this obvious Chinese propaganda, it’s like no one cares. It’s not sitting here trying to make Americans work with china, it’s not sitting here being anything to Americans. The most it is, is telling us what is okay by the Chinese government. And who cares, America is so wild right now that any concern in international affairs seems a little wild.

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