Far Cry 5

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I’ve never played a Far Cry game, but I love cults, so I couldn’t pass up Far Cry 5. I understand, from my vast knowledge of video games, that these have dark stories, with open worlds. Sure, well I mostly attracted to Far Cry 5 because of the setting (Montana) and also because cults. Cults are big now, but I can’t find one to join in real life, so I figured the best alternative was to play Far Cry. Too bad though, as you play against the cult.

I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to enough of this. After about the first three hours, I was like, oh this isn’t a good story. It’s’ passable, but it plays tricks that don’t hold my attention. The game opens on a scene where you, the player character is, helping in attacking a church that is run by a cult. In the church you meet the cult leader. He speaks softly and looks straight into the camera. This is like video game acting.

The game looks good. All the trees are beautiful. All the mountains look beautiful. The characters don’t look completely gross. My Ps4 will hum loudly as I play the game. It’s not a PS4 Pro. The water looks alright. Everything looks believable, but as an overall package it doesn’t stand out. There is no style to the game. It looks like every other game, like Just Cause or Assassin Creed, but this time– it’s in Montana! I wonder when a big budget game will be made in a place that I’ve been to. Will they ever remake my home– Bagdad, Kentucky in a game? Do I need to start a cult there to make it happen?

It mostly feels like a cohesive place, but it also kind of feels like nothing. People know each other and will speak about other NPCs. But it doesn’t really feel like being there. There are no barely standing buildings. Not very barns, and no falling down barns. Those would be all over. It’s just a little bit clean.

As I’ve said before this is my first Far Cry. I don’t like to play these huge ubisoft open world games. I’ve played two Assassin Creeds games for about an hour each. They didn’t grab me. I hate history. I have had the desire to buy a cool hoodie modeled off the ones in those games. I find these games to feel empty. I don’t like realism.

This video shows some of the things Far Cry 2 had that Far Cry 5 does not include

The gameplay doesn’t ask much from you. There is no thought necessary. The gunplay isn’t outstanding, but there are a good amount of guns to choose from. It took me a while to find all the different guns available. For money, that you loot from those you kill, you can buy special guns. Some have more interesting color designs. Others have silencers on them, and others have better range.

There is always something new to do, and it doesn’t take long to find something new. But the area is big, and it feels a little empty. But that emptiness has its place in the gameplay. It gives a moment of release. A breath of fresh air. A moment to not have to do anything.,

I didn’t beat the game, because of a glitch during a mini boss mission. I’m sure that if I wanted to, I could tinker around and try to figure out how to get the game to work, or replay a large part of the mission, but I can’t bring myself to find the desire. I can’t through a door. I’ve looked up walkthrough, I’ve seen people in youtube videos walk through the door. It’s what I am supposed to do, but it will not open. That’s alright though, as I’ve played enough of this game, and really to play more would just be to try to beat it.

There were other glitches that made it impossible to beat certain missions. Mostly these were inconveniences. I would just do a different mission. Move on and try that area again. But as mentioned above one glitch during a critical mission was just too much. I did not want to have to replay something. The game wasn’t worth it to me at that point. That’s what glitches and little annoyances do, make it less and less engaging to keep playing.

Overall Far Cry 5 isn’t bad, but it’s not remarkable. It’s just another game. If you like cults, it might appeal to you for those reasons, as it appealed to me for that reason. But it doesn’t have the attention to detail that Far Cry 2 did, and it doesn’t really present a story I found engaging. But it’s a good time waster.

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