Eric Andre – Legalize Everything

2020-06-27 12_30_55-Eric Andre - Legalize Anything - Google Docs

Eric Andre is a wild energy, known for his show on adult swim. He’s unlike anything else, and it’s great. But if you look at his earlier stand up before he did the show, it’s not super impressive. His show is full of hilarious antics that are surprising, and push the envelope on what we can do in comedy. He’s very liberal, but is willing to make jokes that don’t necessarily easily fit in with the liberal politics that our facebook feeds are full of.

The set up of the special is relatively simple: Andre has two stools on stage. One for his water and towel– which he needs, and another that he sits on at various points. Andre wears a pink shirt, and grey sweatpants, a very low key look. The background is a brown grey, with lights at the back bottom of the stage. The audience is a stage seating, much like the mercury ballroom in my city, Louisville. You have people standing on the second level, which adds a sense of energy, and makes the room feel really full like it’s a party.

There is a lot of drugs and sex material. “We have arrived at the bukake part of the set” and then people high five, and pump their fists. I don’t know what bukake is, but he explained. A lot of feels like the same old same old drug and sex stuff you’ve heard or seen on the interent for years, but Andre has mor energy than anyone you’ve seen. His comedy looks like a workout. When he says he popped a blood vessel in asshole you kind of believe it. There is a point where Andre tells us that he wanted to open the show by doing a Louie CK, and just come on stage and start mastbating on everyone. This is Andre at his best, making fun of the shitties people, in a wild over the top way. It’s both a little violent, but it’s violence is used to point out the shittesness of that guy.

There is a point where he asks anyone if they’ve seen their parents fuck. Some folks raise their hands, and Andre focuses on one guy and gives him a mic and asks him for the story. The guy says a few things, not much, and then Andre brings an older couple on stage. They start ripping each other’s clothes out and making out. It doesn’t go much further than that, but it’s a fun moment in the special. It could have gone further, maybe in the none filmed version he take it further and you got to see those older people fuck. As it is, it’s a silly moment that doesn’t really go anywhere, even though it’s full of wild energy. I wish that elerly couple really fucked.

This special is wild, and I don’t think it’s a great stand up, but it does make me want to be in that room. It makes me want to go see him, just to be around the people who would go see Eric Andre– that’s where I might find a cool person to date, even if I can’t whole hearted clap when he’s like “Where my weed smokers at!” The special is part wild kegger energy, and part millennials liberal lecture. But mostly it just makes me want more of Eric Andre’s antics, which don’t always translate smoothly to stand up comedy.

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