Nore Davis balances chill and fretfull on “Too Woke”


Nore Davis is a New York-based comic whose humanity shines in his new album. The premise of the album is that it is introduced by a radio DJ, which is a perfect tone setting moment for this album. It’s unique, wacky, and perfect for the zeitgeist, a small thing that immediately sets the album apart from others.

Nore Davis comes off as chill, causal and thoughtful. He is able to bring different voices and embody different character in his stand up, something that makes Maria Bamford amazing. But he does not have the punchlines and layers that Maria Bamford’s performances have. In a track called “Mumble Rap” he says “We’re not mumbling… we just can’t hear em’” which he says in a soft voice. Then in the next line, DMXly goes “just like your grandpa, don’t you tell me boy, I know what happened!” His ability to showcase different emotions and voices and quickly transition between them allows for great punchlines. Doing the voice of DMX is not entirely unexpected in comedy spaces, though, nor does it have the personal layers that Bamford is able to explore. He hits some obvious topics– Uber, airlines, etc. His voice and bring something new to these topics, but it still seems like some premises could have more to them. Why pick these topics in the first place?

Nore often begins jokes in a whiny mood, and inverts that whineyess. The way he is able to twist his complaining into humor, and into other emotions, is powerful. He starts a joke titled “Metro North” about subways complaining and ends in a powerful spot.

We often hear from women on topics like “Men are awful,” etc. But Nore Davis is one of the few male voices I have seen so far who genuinely seems to be interested in talking about toxic masculinity, feminism, and racism on a systemic level. He takes these topics that women tend to make jokes about, and engages with them on a level beyond “Yeah I’m feminist now, but women be like… (some joke that could have been made 20 years ago but without the first clause).

He has a Comedy Central half hour coming out soon that I am very excited to catch! Nore Davis feels like a fresh voice and I am glad I stumbled on this album.

Favorite track: Mumble Rap, Toxic Masculinity.

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