Animal Restaurant game


Animal restaurant is a mobile game available on IOS and the Google Play Store. It is very cute, and very addictive. It has you managing a restaurant where animals come to eat. They eat regular human people food like pizza, spaghetti, ramen and coffee, yes all in the same order. You click on eat animal to take it’s order, and then swipe over a screen to click on their food when it’s ready. Later you can buy a thing to automate some of these processes. If you don’t have enough customers than you can promote by putting up flyers. When the animals leave they give you cod, which you can upgrade your restaurant with.

The aesthetics are super cute. I’m sure there are a ton of games out there with similar mechanics, but this game is just so cute. The animals each feel like they have their own personality, and able to be expressive with just their character design. Slightly later in the game you can hire staff to help you do some of the button clicking. Each staff member feels unique, and silly. There is a black cat that will be a server, and fat cat that will help you promote, a shy cat that will help you grow flowers, along with a handful of others. There are also customers who will buy food at your restaurant. You see these guys less often but each time you get a new one a blurb appears that explains what animal they are, and what they like and don’t like. Often they will have a small adornment that will bring a lot of character to them, like a silly hat or something.

As your restaurant grows you can buy more space, which each as a different function. To the left there is a garden, which opens up relatively quickly, and later than that you can purchase a buffet, and after that you can fish. Every game needs some kind of fishing element. Looking at you Final Fantasy Fishing. Each has additional in game items to populate the space, so it adds to the longevity of the game as well. The basic game loop is collect cod, the currency of this animal land, and spend it on upgrades to the restaurant. Upgrades either get you more cod, or get you cod quicker, or allow new animals to come to the restaurant.

While you can upgrade various aspects of your restaurant, like seating, ovens and various decor, it’s entirely liner. I never find myself going back to a table I couldn’t afford earlier in the game. While all the items are cute, each upgrade feels better than the last. This is nice, but I also wish each item had its own fleshed out personality. I wish that it was a little bit more like Animal Crossing, where no one item is better than another, it’s just an aesthetic decision for you to have and express yourself through.

There is an option to watch ads instead of promoting. Promoting takes more clicks the longer you play the game, and even a day into the game it becomes quite tedious and cumbersome. Each ad is 30 seconds and save you over a hundred clicks. It becomes well worth it and gives a break from the tedious clicking that game can become. There are too many ads though. In a two minute span of playing the game more than three quarters of that time can be spent just watching ads. I’m watching ads on the game while writing this though. It is a free game though, and most of the ads are short, sometimes less than ten seconds.

Animal restaurant is cute. It’s the perfect kind of mobile game, as it’s easy to play in spurts, and doesn’t keep attention for very long. I never had to spend any money on the game, and the ads never felt too annoying to wade through. It’s immensely charming and cute, with each in game character being a small little delight. The attention to detail and charm factor high for a game of scope. Give it a download.

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