Donut County Review

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Donut county is a cute game that takes about two hours to play, also there is a racoon, so it is worth it. It’s a cute low poly indie game that got a lot of attention when it was released, but then other cute low poly indies games were released so the discussion went other places. Donut County, is a lot like Katamari Damacy. They are both physics based games, that have fun silly characters and stories. Katamari is definitely more wacky and out there, and also significantly longer but are sufficiently out there. At the beginning of Donut County you are in a hole, a literal hole, with a bunch of animals. Then you become the hole. You move the hole and things fall into it.

The game play is fun, and rarely very challenging. You are a hole and you are swallowing things into the hole. It feels a lot the kind of game where you are a fish and can only eat bigger fish, but done in a different way. The hole moves around quickly and easy to maneuver. Towards the edges it get difficult to know if you hole can swallow in that area or not, but then you have figures out to finagle that object into your hole.

The story of the game is cute, but also manages to hit an emotional note. The racoon has done a terrible thing to his town, in the creation of the hole and having the hole swallow the entire town. He doesn’t own up to, and this story is basically him getting to the point where he can say that he fucked up. But I understand why the Racoon did what he did, being a hole was fun, and something different that made him feel powerful. It’s a great story, especially for this kind of game where a touching story isn’t necessary.

During the story parts of the game you have to text various characters. This takes up unnecessary time, and feel like it was padding for the game. The actual text conversation are cute and add to the game, but the time it takes for you to send and receive the text are annoying, and I wisht the developers had not made it a manuel thing. Texting a racoon is always good, but not when each text to the racoon takes a couple of long moments to send and receive.

It would have been nice if this game was longer. So many good indie games are only hours long. I don’t think that a longer game makes a game better necessary, but I think this game left a lot of ideas untouched. The basic mechanic of being a hole feels like there are a ton of directions to go, and many different game mechanics you could add. But this game doesn’t explore them– rather you are a hole and things fall in the same way at the beginning as in the end.

The game feels cute. The soundtrack is chill, fresh. It feels a lot like the lofi mixes you’ll hear on youtube. It uses a lot of percusivenoises. The graphics are stylish and clean. The character designs are interesting and work well with the entire aesthetic. It feels very of the moment, in a good way. Overall this game is fun. It costs about 15 dollars if you don’t wait for a sale. I think if you really love raccoons and want to play something unique, than this a great game for you.

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