K Trevor Wilson surprises with hilarious Christmas comedy album


K Trevor Wilson is a canadian comic who has two albums and a special out. In December 2019, he released a Christmas comedy album, titled “Christmas with K”. Wilson was on Just for Laughs 2012, and a character in the popular youtube sitcom series “Letterkenny” that recently ended. His voice seems perfect for doing cartoon work as it expressive and jubilant. This album is an hour long and combines sketch and stand up comedy and is entirely about christmas.

Wilson is instantly likable. He fills the room with a large, loud presence. One of the best stand up tracks on the album is called “Penis Game” is an updated version of a joke on Wilson’s first album. He opens this story with a joke about the difference between scientology and chirstian science, and then goes into tell us a little bit about growing up with a severely religious mother. The last part of the story has him tellings us about how he played the Penis game in church. This story is immensely relatable, as we’ve all played the penis game, and Wilson’s frustration with going to church makes it feel less juanile to play it in church. Additionally, his ability to be loud without being annoying is used in full force here, and juxtaposed against his mother’s uncomfort with him and his siblings.

The sketches are quality, and much more interesting than most other sketches on comedy albums I’ve listened to. The sketches are jam packed with jokes, and have interesting premises. One sketch explores what would happen if a family needed to coal to stay warm in the winter and tried to do bad acts to get it from Santa. I found this sketch to be so silly, I especially appreciated the voices Wilson put on for the children. Another sketch “Nintendo Santa” has a boy asking for a playstation, only to be told that there is no way that santa could make that with copyright infringement, and lack of technically capable elfs. The logic of this jokes is solid, and definitely something I’ve thought about but couldn’t articulate in such a funny way. Sketches are short, usually less than 3 minutes. Wilson voices most of the characters, and they easily differentiable and usually feel very silly.

Usually comedians will do jokes during certain times, and just not include them in their albums or create a different introductory reason for why they are telling that joke at this time. Having a comedy album that is entirely christmas related allows Wilson to skip the reasoning. Wilson also takes the idea of Christmas in many different ways, and the album never feels limited by the topic.

December 2019 featured two very solid albums on specific topics. This album, and Chris Gethard’s album called “Taylor Ham, Egg, And Cheese: A Comedic Tribute to New Jersey” about New Jersey. Both are very funny, and showcase two different parts of comedy. Where this album has tight jokes that are relatable to almost everyone who can speak english, the Gethard’s album is about bringing a specific group of people together for a moment only they can have together. Both of these flexes on how far the comics can go with a specific aspect of stand up. So often folks hang on to old jokes, or jokes with topics that will isolate certain folks, and it can come off a an insecurity. These albums illustrate that good comes can do entire albums on a singular subjects that might seem limiting at first and that they can find expanses in themselves.

Wilson is fun to listen to, he comes off as a sharp, quick witted and blue collar. If you enjoy this album, definitely check out his other two albums. Comics that remind of him include DJ Dangler and Mitch Burrows.

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