Miitopia is absolutely stupid, and that’s what makes it great

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Miitopia is the stupidest game I have ever played. I love it and it’s great at being stupid (considerably better than I am). It should be a phone a game, but instead it’s a $40 game that came out near the end of the 3DS’s life, so it’s unlikely you will find it for cheap. I spent 12 dollars. But it is a fun game that did not get much attention. It’s a game that you can share with your friends by sending them images of themselves fighting monsters.

Do you remember the Mii aspect of the 3DS? There was a puzzle game and a small RPG where you beat monsters with Miis from the 3DS users that you passed on the street. This happened a lot in a place like Tokyo, but not so much in a place like where I’m from, the middle of nowhere. Additionally, you can buy extra games to play with your Miis in case you hate playing real games that much, or if you just live in Japan. Also, you could go to McDonalds and get the last five Miis that visited the store to visit your 3DS through Spotpass. I love this Mii thing.

The Mii. Why did nintendo create Mii? Was it to compete with Microsoft? Did they find them cute, cuddly, interesting? Does the Mii bring us closer to our video games? Does it make us feel like we are part of the games in more than just a playing aspect? Does it make us feel as if the game has swallowed us whole? As if Nintendo bought the rights to our lives and decided to make Wii Sports out of them? For me, the answers to these questions are no.

The plot is pretty simple. So the dark lord takes away your friends three times, and your party has three people besides yourself in it. This game expects you to have a total of nine or more friends. That’s crazy man, I am an adult. When I started the game, I was like “Hell yes. My three friends and I can go on an adventure.” To be honest, I had to decide between mere acquaintances for the last party member.

Making your party includes designing a Mii, picking a job class, and picking a personality. This is great, I love deciding my friends’ personalities. If you only listen sporadically to your friends, you can do this in real life as well. The jobs decide what costumes they will wear and what magic they will use. For the most part, the personality determines some quirks that will happen in battle. Some are good, some not so much. These include, being too scared to actually fight, and being brave enough to get a second turn.

There is no strategy in this game. You can let it autobattle and bam–there goes half of the entire game. It makes this one of the best games to play while watching a movie, or listening to a podcast, or doing anything else. I personally don’t view this as a flaw.

In terms of appearance, nothing is very inspired. The worlds are cute, but all have a simplistic style that is overly underwhelming. It is as if nintendo looked at every other one of their games and said, “What did we reject from these? Let’s use those ideas!” Maybe they just went to whoever they were closest to firing, and said, “You! It’s your time. We don’t think you’ve had a good idea or really any ideas since the late 90’s, bu this is your game man. Do what you want with it.” And that guy was like “Finally! I can make a game with a lava level! One that looks exactly like all other lava levels!”

The monsters are also banal. I cannot tell you even one of them off the top of my head. But they don’t have that Nintendo polish, Nintendo inspiration. You get to design the Dark Lord, though, and I gave him a Mii that was a knockoff Michael Jackson. I named him Kevin. He made me laugh every time I saw him on the screen.

I love feeding my party members. It is my favorite part of life, and it is my favorite part of this game. Yes, eating. You get to force-feed food to your party member, and they react and tell you if they hate it or love it. You know, like in real life. You go to a restaurant and you’re with your friends, and you tell what tell them what they’re going to eat. They order it. The food comes out. They eat, they tell you “That was awful, why did you make me do that?” and you say something like “Hey, you have agency, you could have just said no” and they say “You know I don’t have my own agency! I depend on you for that!”

This game is great for kids, especially kids still in school, since I assume they have more friends. Rounding up nine friends as adult? Whew, if that is easy for you, umm…stop drinking. If there are thirty kids in your child’s class, hopefully at least nine of them are cool enough to be in your game. Me, personally, I did not know nine people. So I had Wanda Sykes and Lena Luthor from the television show Supergirl as my friends. I know this is not Fantasy Life, but I can still dream.

Everything is highly repetitive and not challenging. This would make for a great phone game, but as a 3ds game, you have to compare it to Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon, and Ocarina of Time. These are all classic 3DS games that are much more developed than Miitopia. But compared to phone games, Miitopia is wonderful. This game is stupid, it’s quirky, it’s low effort. If that sounds like who you are, then this game is perfect for you. Pick it up, put it down.

Miitopia gets a solid B- out of the entire alphabet from me, June, who played this entire game.

Whoa! Whoa. Okay so I had thought that I had beaten the game. I had defeated the dark lord Jevin and everything. And then after that, the final boss wasn’t even him. It was some other guy, and I had to go on and play more of this game. I am mad that there is more of this game. It’s like game, dude, just shut up. I beat the Dark Lord. Just let me win. It’s like when you’re waiting for a U-scan at the kroger or other regional grocery, and you finally get to the front, but then everyone at the U-scans currently have full carts, and they’re all battling some disease that makes them shaky. And you’re like, look I might have reached the front of the line, but this is worse than the back of the line. I’m prepped. Ya know? If I’m in the back of the line it doesn’t matter, I can play Balloon Monkey Tower Defense 6. Now I need to be ready to go at any moment. And that is what this final boss experience is like.


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